Potential 5* type boldtusk

Hi. So I’m kinda wondering now that ranvir is here and that he is like a 5* wu kong.
Are we going to see a 5* type boldtusk to stack with ranvir?

If you are talking about just attack boost, then there are other 5* heroes who can stack with Ranvir, like Zimkitha, Khiona etc…

You mean Ares?

20 old HOTM


are you talking about him ?

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Ohh thanks guys I didn’t realize that. With tarlak too?

Wu Kong stacks with Tarlak, but using them both is a bad idea since Tarlak has a “clean” huge attack buff (without any miss) and Wu Kong messes it up with his miss chance.

And Tarlak give 160% limit.

Kunchen is a 5* Rigard as well.

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He stacks perfectly with Tarlak. I use them together on green titans regularly.

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