Hello guys so tell me please is this the perfect positioning for my defense team or do you have any sugestion?

Sabina - Bane - Gormek - Kiril - Scarlett

Cou you tell me why you think is better like that?

Gormek in your team has the highest survival rate. If he fires it would be good for your other DPS heroes to damage the opponent.

Also, high survival = time stall for others

Skills fire from left to right, heal and dispel takes priority

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So if you say heals have priority it is not better to replace bane with kiril?

Yes and no depends on your heroes.

If Gormek dies and your left would be left for dead with 2 healers.

Just remember, it’s based on combinations and skills + stats when making a defensive lineup.

Simple rule for newer players.
Tanks defend flanks and flanks defend wings.

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That’s what I would do: Sabina - Kiril - Gormek - Bane - Scarlett

Kiril before the hitters so he fires and buffs their attack

Bane between Gormek and Scarlett to separate the two reds. Also Scarlett is fast mana and wings get less gems to charge so she should keep pace with the others. Although Bane is also fast so he might be out of sequence if hit with tiles. Gormek as first hitter also does def down on opponents for those that follow.

Sabina is slower so she’ll likely trigger after to re-heal again.


Thx for the suggestion,i will wait to see if the team will win me more cups in that order

I would and have run this exact lineup quite awhile ago. I always went
Scarlett, Kiril, Gormek, Bane, Sabina.

I like having dark and holy together because usually one is taking half damage. Plus Scarlett and Kiril will buff Gormek who will buff Bane and Sabina is there to dispel any buffs your opponent may have.
It’s all opinion, so really you can’t really screw it up since you don’t know who will fire 1st, it’s left to right but Scarlett is Fast. It’s just my preference


My favourite 3-2 raid team is holy-dark
Joon - Aeron - Viv - Sart - Joon

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