Please revise push-notifications new useless features

Sorry to arg you with such a minor detail but…

In the last update (v1.12.6/build734) there came changes concerning the in-game-push-notifications - again sorry for my harsh wording but it´s useless and even a little bit annoying getting a note every time i am getting raided, no matter winning or loosing!

And i even don´t know what to do with this information - i can´t do anything about it. There will be no big difference if i play the revenge the minute i get raided or two hour later, getting informed when i boot the game. Please revise push-notifications based on the following list or give us players some kind of choise on what details we want to be informed or not.

  • Getting informed when a building is done,
  • when the forge has done its work on the whole number of items i ordered or
  • when exploration on a new item (forge) or hero-grade (training camps) ist done,
  • when one of the 4 energys are fully loaded,
  • when another titan is appearing and
  • some kind of countdown every 15 minutes in the last houre before the titan will escape,
  • maybe when a longlasting hero-adjucation (lv12, 13 and 20) is completed…

that´s the infos i “need” and want to get - but “you were raided by XY” is absolutly useless (to me)…

Additionally and just for the heads of an alliance it would be nice to get a push-notification when someone asks to join the alli!!!

best regards goofy