Please help me

Here is my team. Please let me know your thoughts. I cant seem to buy a purple to save my life.

Hi, I have the same problem, no blues! But you’ve got some great heroes there - especially Gormek. I’d get Baltazar (if he’s up to 8/8 on special skill) in your top team to balance it while you search for a better purple. Maybe take Kiril out rather than Boril? Other than that you just have to keep levelling up and be patient!

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I suppose we are talking about the top row heroes. Offense or defense? You don’t need a purple if it’s for defense. You got a decent set of heroes there. Priority one should be getting them to 4/70 (4/80 for Joon). So, by the looks of things you suffer of chronic shortage of ascension materials. They will come in their own time, can’t rush that. Make sure to do all rare quests and events to the best of your abilities. Also all chests and mystic visions. If you are not in an alliance, join one fast. Hit every titan, use all war flags. Cross your fingers for elemental chests.

Best configuration I can think of with your current team would be (left to right): Melendor, Gormek, Boril, Joon, Kiril .

Work on Caedmon, work on Boldtusk, fast as possible.


I agree with the previous post, patience is a virtue and also very necessary while growing in this game! Good luck and keep chugging on!

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