Please help me with my levelling

I am trying to decide who to level up next, for purples, yellows and reds. Please help me to choose the lucky heroes who will grow next.

Domitia is stuck at 3/70 :sob: I can either work on Second!Rigard (3/21) or Obakan (2/4). They will, eventually, get stuck too, as I have promised Domitia the next set of trap tools.

Or I could work on Tyrum (and his costume) (1/), as they won’t get stuck.

Purple is my best colour and I have loads of purples, lol.

I can start Joon (1/1) or work on Delilah (1/27). I do like Delilah but I already have two good yellow healers (Mist and Gullinbursti). Also I have Rigard in his costume at +19, so he will always be my main healer.

I am drowning in Orbs and will have 6 Darts, come the next Shiloh Desert quest.

I can start Boldtusk or Sumitomo (both 1/1) or work on Scarlett (2/17). Reds are my weakest colours; I only have Colen, Wilbur, Hawkmoon and Sharan. Or should I wait until the Valhalla summons next week and see if I get a better red?

Thanks in advance :smiley_cat: My trainer heroes are starting to fill up my roster but I don’t want to use them on heroes that might not be useful for me.

I would say Joon, Domitia and Boldtusk are a priority from what you listed here, speaking solely in terms of hero usability.

However, with this kind of lineup, you can already start to plan emblems: it’s always better to level something you have free emblems for.

Don’t bother:
second Rigard (for now)
3- or less star heroes (again, for now - you might eventually end up with only having 3* heroes to level, and that’s fine).

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I want to level Domitia but she is stuck at 3/70 :cry: I need 3 more trap tools and 1 tabard for her. I can keep the purple trainer until I can ascend her but I’m worried about my roster filling up. The last time she was stuck at 2/60, for some reason I seemed to win nothing but purple trainers. I had about 5 at one point :rofl: She will get the rogue emblems when she is levelled :slight_smile:

I have the Blades for Boldtusk so I can finish him and I should have another set of Darts by the time Joon is at 3/70. The 5s take so much food to level! It took me about 6 months to level Lianna (my only maxed 5, lol).

Don’t worry about 3* ascension materials too much - it’s the 4* materials you need to make careful decisions about.

As soon as you join an alliance that kills titans on the regular (not necessarily the high-tier ones), you will find yourself stockpiling all of those hidden blades and orbs and tools and whatnot.

Since you already ascended Obakan, it would make sense to finish working on him too. He’s not among the best heroes, but he’s not bad - and will be useful for titans too.


1 bt, 2 joon, 3 scarlett

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While waiting for trap tools, finish up Tyrum and costume, if the mat should show up and no impressive hero, then Domitia, afterwards second Rig + costume.

For holy…Joon afterwards Delilah

For fire…Boldie, then Scarlett

Stharan.??.. Thought it was a feeder.

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@Eldente, I have lots of 3* mats (except for trap tools). I keep getting purples and levelling them, so I am always short of trap tools :rofl:

In my alliance, we kill 5* Titans and sometimes 6s. I get plenty of 3 mats but 4* mats are so rare :frowning: I don’t know where to get them from, except the Rare quests.

@BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS, I can level those guys :smiley_cat: Is Sumitomo a poor hero? I thought he’d be good, being from Atlantis and when I have looked online, nobody recommends him.

@Oliz, I can get all those ones done :smiley_cat: All my purple 4* heroes are finished and Domitia and Obakan are my only 5* heroes. Lol, I kept Sharan for sentimental reasons :rofl: She was my main healer for ages and I can’t bring myself to feed her away. I use her for the first level of Tavern of Legends so she doesn’t feel completely abandoned :wink:

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yeah, bottom of the reds

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Joon and Dellilah are both great but keep in mind that Mist isn’t actually a healer (unless you meant Lady Woolerton?)

Boldtusk is a hero you will use for a long time. without knowing the full roster, he seems a good bet to go with as you don’t seem to have a red healer (and BT buffs attack too! great combo with your Wilbur and Colen)

I’d level Rigard fully and not bother with Obakan mate, he isn’t worth the materials in my opinion. Rigard will be a great for a long time due to the bonus of cleansing. Just noticed it’s a second Rigard, so ignore this bit haha. Save materials for Domitia


@BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS, well he can go off the list then :rofl: It’s a shame because I really like his design but he almost seems like a 4* Obakan, from what I can tell of him.

@averagejoe33, oops, I was thinking of Lady Woolerton but I’ve got Mist! The heat is getting to me :rofl: I have got a 1/1 Vivica but I wasn’t going to level her, as she is slow. Rigard is my favourite; I have his costume too and I always use him :smile_cat:

I can work on Boldtusk; I have the Blades needed to ascend him :slight_smile: I’ve got Hawmoon and her costume (and Sharan :rofl: ) but other than that, just Colen, Wilbur, Scarlett and Sumitomo. Red is my worst colour, so after I finished Hawkmoon, I wasn’t sure who to level next.