Please be a bit more generous with free gems

Could I please take this opportunity to say that, I know it’s the same for everyone in the game, but, it seems to me that small giant has a huge bias against people that haven’t much money to spend on the game. It’s not fair that some can spend plenty money and buy 5 star team members while people like me waits on free gems, and when I spend 300 gems on trying to get a 5 star… I get duplicates. Is that discrimination I hear. Maybe maybe not. I’ve been playing ages, I’m sick of all my trophies being raided and soon I may smash my perfectly good iPhone against the wall. I like this game, but sometimes…aaaarrrrgggghhhh

I agree. 10 gems for leveling up? 30 gems for finishing Iron V mission? These are trivial compared to the costs of a single summons.


They could definately be more generous with free gems.

However, fair is exactly what it is. And it definately isnt discrimination. People who pay more, get more opportunities for heros, so they generally get better heros.

You have the exact same base chances as everyone else, it jusy takes a lot longer for F2P/C2P accounts.

You might feel it sucks, but its the reality of the game.


My beef is that they can be way more generous with some of the basic mission gem awards.

1 single $5 VIP purchase gives 900 gems over a month. Completing EVERY SINGLE MISSION in season 1 gives about the same 900 gems.

Sure it’s the same and fair for all but come on, they could triple the awards to something like 3000 gems over the 7-8 months of time required to complete all those missions and make mission more than an incidental occurrence of next to no significance.

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After most of the missions are done, the income of free gems decreases compared to the first two or three months as the later missions take extremely long and don’t have much greater rewards.
On the other hand, the worth of gems steadily decreases the more heroes you have. As a beginner you are even happy with a Graymane if it is your first blue 3* hero, whereas late game players already have all 3* and most if not all 4* heroes as well as several 5*s, so the chance to summon a hero that really improves your team become very slim (and you need many more summons and, consequently, gems to advance in the game)

Therefore, I also think more and better possibilities to earn/win gems would be great. A few ideas that have come to my mind:

  • weekly or monthly missions adapted to player strength (e.g. Win 30 PvP fights against 2500+ teams for beginners, reward: 10 gems. Win 30 PvP fights against 4000+ Teams for advanced players, reward: 20 gems. Have a winning streak of 15 PvP fights, reward: 15 gems, etc.)
  • higher tiers of gem quests for advanced players (Find gems III with 5, 10 and 15 gems, difficulty similar to the last three stages of Farholme, Mt Umber etc. Find gems IV with 7, 15 and 25 gems, last stage with 25 gems super-hard so that even very advanced players have difficulties)

This is the worst game out there for free stuff. You have to give real money over to get somewhere in this game. Players want a good fare game, not this 1 gem for killing a titan or 3 gems for wasting time on video’s. Why does it cost so much money here in Australia to get buy things.

I’m a pay 2 play player

What can i do that you can’t?

They are running a buiness, not a charity. Be glad you get something (for nothing) at all.

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It takes effort, but playing for free can be both fun and competitive.

Make sure you’re in an alliance that gives you a good opportunity for titan and war loot.

My totally free roster has got me to 105 globally, so far and I get A or B loot on 9* titans most days.

Most of the free games I’ve tried made me watch a video every level, one optional advert a day is bliss. And…I don’t even have to look at it :sunglasses:


So very true. The only difference between the video and farming 8-7 on auto is that the video doesn’t burn world energy while I’m ignoring it.

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I want to say something very important. I’ve been playing this game for years. And every month spent money buying and I’ve never had anything good. The policy of these people is to suck your bill.

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