Personal mini titan

How about a personal mini titan? You have a week to get it down. Gotta take it down solo or maybe with help from friends, but limited help with it.

And where will you get the flag for your mini titan? Regular titan flag? How about the titan your entire alliance would be facing? This would be too selfish for the player, ain’t it? This promotes non-alliance formation, right?

I like the idea.

Could spawn on S2 map or quests page and would need 2 raid energy + 3 world energy to attack.

Could fill 1 kill of each chest when dead and give 1 crate.

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LOL. Some alliance, if not all, are already struggling on fighting their own titans. 2 raid energy and 3 world energy flask are best used somewhere.

Most of the alliances that are struggling with the titans do so because of the titan flags that are wasted. Lots of players “forget” to attack titan when they log into game, and I find it extremely selfish and very annoying.

Run S2 hard final boss with a bunch of 3*. That should take about a week :upside_down_face:.

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Let’s see what Mythic Titans brings for us. I’m interested in seeing how that works.

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