Paths of Adventure are improving!

With half a year still to go until Santa makes his delivery run, the elves in the workshop have turned their idle hands to the Paths of Adventure. Swapping their hot chocolate for hot rods, the elves tuned up each part of the Paths to squeeze out every last drop of loot. It’s Christmas in July!

The newly souped-up Paths of Adventure will feature:

  • More points awarded for Path of Valor Daily Challenges
  • More points awarded for Path of Giants Weekly Challenges
  • Fewer points needed to unlock the final Chest Milestones
  • Improved rewards in both Path of Valor and Path of Giants

These changes will be visible in-game in the next Paths of Adventure, beginning on Monday July 1, 2024


Hey folks, we’ve been collecting community feedback across various different channels on our recent improvements to the Paths of Adventure, and we’d like to share a short midpoint update.

The good news: We’ve gotten some very positive feedback around how it has become easier to progress along the Path of Valor and Path of Giants. It’s been great seeing more of our players reach Milestones further down the path and securing more rewards!

The mixed news: We’re seeing some mixed feedback around how a big part of the reward improvements arrived in the form of additional Trainer Heroes and Trainer Troops. While they’re undoubtedly useful for most (if not all) players, there’s definitely the feeling that there could be a bit more variety here.

The bad news: Some items that were removed by this update had been much appreciated by our players, and many of you would rather get those old rewards instead of additional Trainer Heroes — even if the new Trainer Heroes technically are “worth more” in total! We definitely empathize with this sentiment (where are my monthly Flasks, hello?) and we will be addressing this area of concern.

We are currently aiming to ship some further improvements in time for the very next Paths of Adventure. (To keep things fair, the currently ongoing Paths of Adventure will stay untouched.) Please make sure to keep an eye out when the next Paths of Adventure are about to start.

Have a great rest of July, and as always, best of luck in the battles!