Path of Valor ending

Does anyone else fi d the ending of the Path of Valor to be anticlimactic? I think if you finish the PoV you should get your pick of ascention material as a final reward. Would also provide motivation to finish after you get the last prize of value.


They simply could add rewards for completing all dailies, all big challenges and another 4* mat for completing everything.


Yep. There should be bonus reward for 100% completion. Also, having the final 2 prizes being avatars is hardly motivation for me to finish, I’m sure some people want to collect them all but I don’t care about them. I understand they moved the 4* mats to 48 to make it more accessible for players to get, but avatars aren’t much of a ‘reward’ for reaching the final levels.


Ok… so maybe go back to version 1 where the buffer to completion was a lot tighter and the 4* AM was on milestone 50? That way you can celebrate the fact that you hit 100% completion and got the 4* AM?

Moving the 4* mats to milestone 48 was an improvement for smaller players. It was a good move.


While I like the notion of a bonus for finishing all the daily challenges…If I missed out because I had to level a troop and now my barracks aren’t available because SSG won’t put in another building, I’d be annoyed.


I don’t disagree. It’s just that after every PoV there are complaints that the “final” prize is just an avatar, it should be a 4* AM. I’m just pointing out that the whole thing is perception. Basically what’s being asked is similar to how the first PoV was like.

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It is all perception. You get the same reward as PoV1 just in a different order. Yet now people are asking for more because “the completion reward is only an avatar”.

In other games the avatars cost big bucks.


I’d enjoy something after level 50 is complete. I end up with 9+ days of missions that would be fun to complete. There’s no reason to use WE replaying S2 Magic Night levels or whatever the mission is as things stand.

It would be neat to get one point towards the next PoV for every daily task completed after 50. Maybe a silver summon token for all three tasks being completed each day? Something that wouldn’t make those who struggle to even hit 48 feel left out, but would make things a bit more interesting.

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Since F2P players and low levels could have trouble finish it, i’m glad they rather put avatars rather then ascension materials for the last step.

That way you can missing it without many regrets.


who wants an avatar? completely worthless. even worse the the harvesters

Some people like them, but you kind of missed my point. The real worthwhile prize is the 4* AM, but it was placed earlier to get to it, after the feedback after the 1st PoV. In other words, would you be happy if they were flipped back to the original?

Exactly… After 1st PoV there were a lot of complaints that new players cannot reach the final tier, SG actually listened and move them to be earlier, and therefore more accessible. At that time, all players supported the idea, because, yeah, it should be almost granted that most active players can reach those precious mats. And now what happens? Ah, now it’s boring after you pick up those, we want more. As if we are some spoiled children. :joy:


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