Onatel losing mana

I had a issue with Onatel losing mana after being hit with a hero special and the hero special does not reduce mana.

Did you use onatel on offense or was she on the defending side.
Onatel steals generated mana. When a hero is hit with a special there is usually no mana generated (some very few cases do like Misandra…)

Usually In offense (Onatel is defender) when you attack with tiles and your hero(es) in the matching color of these tiles generate Mana and are under Onatel‘s ailment a part of that mana is stolen by Onatel.

Using Onatel in offense: her ailment is cast on a defender. You fire tiles into that defender, the defender generates mana, which will be partially stolen by Onatel.

I think it’s a visual bug only. I’ve noticed this sort of thing once or twice as well, but her mana bar still does show as being full when she gets fully charged; it was just the partial charge that didn’t show up for me.

Possibly related to the issue shown in the thread on how her special interacts with Zocc’s from a couple of weeks ago?


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