On the move? Missed the war cutoff? Come visit and see what we are about

Jabberwock is the official Training alliance for Bandersnatch (a top 1% alliance)

Come learn and train with us at Jabberwock and I promise you will become a better player as you work your way to the top!

Currently hitting 6*|7* titans. War is optional, if you go to war with us the expectation is you will use all flags. I have the alliance set at 600 trophies to get in, this can be adjusted as needed :smile:

We are a fun and chatty bunch in game and on our discord server. Come check us out, We just started a new war chest so the timing is great!

Hope to see you in game! :crossed_swords:

Happy Saturday, if your not doing war this weekend come on over and check us out! :beers:

Another War where we were the Underdog and Won! Come on in and celebrate the victory with us!

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We have been on a good run lately with titans and war. If your an active daily player looking for that perfect alliance, stop on by in game!

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