October 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Aether / Ascension Summon, Morlovia, ToL, CF1, Covenant Quest, W3K, CoE (Fire), Underwild, Goblin Village, Atlantis, CoK, Valhalla, Untold Tales, Dynasty Of Dunes, Costumes)

Is there already somewhere calendar for November?

Good point, forgot about those (which probably says a lot how interesting are to me too). Still, Opera as shiny new content is probably more likely.

Official is not, but Oracle’s Predictions are just above in this thread or here:


Will there be a link posted for November calendar (when available)?

A new topic will appear shortly after SGG publish their calendar for the coming month.

This new topic will have the “calendar” tag and a link will also be posted in this thread.


Another day, another P2W update. Nothing to see here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Last year they inserted a Soul Exchange few days before Bladk Friday. And it was a good one with Ludwig, Alfrike, C Finley, Faline

Just like saying: “Please open up your roster space to spend in Bladk Friday portal”

Would the do it again?

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new disconnect in middle of farming fight and new download before possible to get in, i guess6you will receive new stuff to put in news hahah

When this happens probably something went corrupt in your local files duering the crash, and the the game downloads everything again.


Still nothing from the staff about November. I’m getting the feeling that the new owner is completely disregarding this game. I’ve never been doom and gloom about this game but the laziness being shown is painfully evident

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I don’t know where to put these. From the social medias.


Also nothing about the new battle items and building which had a sneak peek last month with “More to be shared in October”. Now it’s become “More to come next month”.

Feels like the SGG marketing/communication department has been slashed by Zynga to reduce costs and boost profits.

While typing I see @Ship has also noticed.


At this point I’m banking on the sneak peeks being just false advertising. It worked, since they did raise expectations and got people to comment, unlike the increasing apathy that new heroes generate.

In fact, it is false advertising already since they stated october before.

Raising expectations and then repeatedly failing to fulfill them is rarely a good strategy.



  • 2023-11-23T07:00:00Z2023-11-27T07:00:00Z: Season V: “Judgement of Dunes”

Is this a new thing similar to Untold tales or what is this?

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I think it’s going to be something similar to Tremors and Valhalla Forever


Yeah just saw the reply from PlayForFun in the beta topic about reduced energy. I hope it is also giving us extra loot too, it will be nice to farm Dunes instead of everywhere else.


I want it as much as i doubt it…

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Here is the Calendar:


@Country It’s now (finally) available, and can be found at the link below.

has the name of season 5 changed, does it mean reduced energy?:thinking:
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