October 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Aether / Ascension Summon, Morlovia, ToL, CF1, Covenant Quest, W3K, CoE (Fire), Underwild, Goblin Village, Atlantis, CoK, Valhalla, Untold Tales, Dynasty Of Dunes, Costumes)

Thanks boss… So it will be Dark Contest Elements, Black Friday event and S5 (maybe the last or second last I will be pulling heavily from this portal) for me.

I have updated my calendars to apply the rest of the month’s updates by Elioty.

Images Calendar and B&W Calendar by Zartanis (Updated October 26)

Credit Zartanis

Quick Reference by Zartanis (Updated October 26)

Credit Zartanis

French Calendar by Zartanis (Updated October 26)

Credit Zartanis


Most probably. I will check later what was their name during beta.


I wonder if it was intentional to release the Covenant webstore offers today though :thinking: this isn’t the first time we’ve had a mismatch in the offer timing though from what I recall?


This hero was not in Beta yet.
Maybe we will get it next week in Beta ?


That’s what happens when one keeps doing stuff at the last minute. Mistakes happen! However it’s staggering how they aren’t learning from it… SGG / Zynga at their best.


@Elioty33, thanks a lot! What about the Santa’s Challenge? When is this event expected, in December? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

I bet it’s leaf wizzle. We widely mocked the name


Thanks for news.

About last October changes: 30th Pickup summon starts on Monday so if not new changes today then it will go live. Otherwise I think I skip this Covenant (have 3 of 6 featured and the rest is not that enticing to risk getting dupes, plus I am still salty about getting Tenebrae and Archie last time instead of Cardinal Richelieu or Quinn). And tomorrow’s Pick Up is incredibly bland, especially with X-mas event coming soon. 30th looks better. Btw last time Pick Up portal lasted only day, now it is day or two?


  • Both Challenge Events look interesting (assuming Opera Kicks in on 30th November, which looks like it since CFI and especially featured heroes look like placeholder, plus there are no new heroes planned for CFI);
  • Dark Contest looks okay, but I have enough dark heroes as it is, though may get cheaper offers from Web (notably one which gives coins to alliance mates);
  • Passing Underwild until all 3* + 4* costumes get released;
  • Ignoring Atlantis summon for some time already beyond free coins;
  • Will see for Goblin Village, but reduced odds kinda put me off (still has feeling of “Get first 5* goblin at the price of two and you get second one for free”, also got Goldie last time);
  • I don’t like Ulius or Ray so probably ignoring TM as well;
  • Valhalla does not have C-Alfrike, C-Sif or C-Heimdall so pass;
  • BF - will probably do few pulls if the odds are same as for Solstice 2023;
  • Will see about Untold Tales, but Gestalt would be featured for third time in a row so I think this will be changed;
  • Skipping Dunes as I have all of those and I only want Anubis really;
  • Costume Chamber - will do pulls mostly for free keys.

Also hoping for Pick Up summon bringing some of those Super-Elementals. Tried in Covenant and no dice.


Indeed no change today :face_with_head_bandage:


I am kinda puzzled by SGG’s decisions sometimes. Like two consecutive Pick Up summons, but not only that but one having X-mas heroes only while X-mas event is coming in one month but with heroes that are better.

“Spend gems for heroes now so you can get their dupes in one month while pulling for new heroes!”


Ray is a beast I think of you get him you will definitely change your mind I’m definitely pulling there wouldn’t mind a dupe Ray but want that fast cleanser already have Malina but her stats aren’t the best I know that new magic hero will last


If I would not have Hathor and Hypnos Ray would have been my first red lb2. Utter beast on raids with dispel mana boost and slow against others. Great great hero

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@Zartanis I was just looking at the calendar and I noticed that todays pick up summon also goes into tomorrow and on the calendar it only shows today.
Also I have updated the online calendar.

Yes, it was on purpose to just show the start date since if there are/going to be two in succession. Thanks for updating the google calendar.


Will this year’s Black Friday portal prices for pulls be the same as the 2022 one? 3,000 gems for a 10 pull or do we know if it will have risen at all?

If it stays at 3,000 I will save for it.

Same at me. 400 pulls for 1x Archive that I still had, and 2x Tenebrae. No other from covenant, thats sad, dont have luck like other…

There’s Black Caesar, C. Lady Locke and C. Sargasso that we’ve seen in beta so far. However, none of those three look too interesting to me, so assuming they become the featured, it’ll be an easy pass for me :sweat_smile:


someone wrotte, tavern of legends is in november? Is that true? Which heroes would be featured?


Unless they change it later before BF comes online, it should x1 for 350 gems, x10 for 3000 gems and x30 for 8400 gems. For the odds, I still see 71% for rare, 26.5% for epic, 2.3% for legendary and 0.2% featured heroes. But they can change it at anytime they want anyway. First let see if v62 changes anything about it.