🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

all if you have a dragon head next to the curse: guard it and milk it for a turn or two

I missed the effect of my play on those cursed tiles. I knew if it dropped in the corner is was likely lost cause but middle was easier to work around.

IMO it was NOT design for EVERYone toto finish. If everyone could finish, where would the challenge be for the top player who without are likely to leave the game. Every game needs to challenge ALL players with appropriate rewards at given steps

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Oh, I saved every diamond and bomb I could. I planned moves ahead as well as I could. Shuffling is still just luck. It’s still pretty frustrating to have most of my best heros unusable because a curse happened to pop up all alone, with no like colors or bombs anywhere nearby.

Like I said, if they made them reversible, or temporary, I’d be okay with it.

Regardless, the rewards are still pretty pathetic. Tavern of Heros was a much better event.

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Since I love emblems, I played this event seriously, eventually finishing in 24th place. To be honest, I was surprised how easy it was to finish. Of course, I have a good roster, but with knowledge on how to beat tough boss battles, I’m sure every lvl would be doable with 4*-tournament teams like Wilbur-Boldtusk-Guardian Falcon-redX-redX. Of course, you would need more than one or two such teams because of the curses, unless you use a lot of tornados…(I used around 70 of them and had only 1 hero with 2 curses, 5 with 1)

So I think close to 30000 players made it to the final floor. (10 hours before the event finished, I was 27540th before playing the last lvl) What I actually want to say is that the ninja tower is promoted with phrases like “only the best can reach the top”. There are no 30000 best players. I would expect only a few players to actually reach the final floor. With so many players reaching it, points is the only thing that makes the difference. And this means full commitment from the very beginning and the will to use a lot of goot items. In my opinion, it would be more interesting if reaching a certain floor was an accomplishment in itself (maybe stored in the player info screen), not only scoring many points on the way up.

So yes, I understand that the ninja tower might be too hard for newer or “not so tricky” players, but it is the challenge many lategame players, who don’t enjoy board farming at the usual monthly events, were waiting for! When you reach the point when you can play most features on autoplay, win most raids etc., there’s only wars and tournaments left to be really interested in. And the ninja tower can be added to that list!


You might find some of these strategies helpful for next time around

Whaaaaat? How do you get so many nuggets??! I can barely keep them stocked with titans draining me of them. 70 is CRAZY to spend on this event.

Maybe that’s why I thought it was fairly hard to avoid curses. Sheesh!

I just realize what you mean by december is not Santa Challenge but next Ninja Tower :man_facepalming:

Yes, that is a good tactic, I did that too.

I use this for level 50:
Noor 4/80
C. Boldtusk 4/70+20
G. Falcon 4/70+20
Scarlett 4/70+20
Gormek 4/70+20

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I wish they give completion reward, not just level reward or ranked reward…

If you spend a lot of time with the game and use your world energy flasks in the atlantis uprising event, the bottleneck for some players is actually iron, not the ingredients. (now with embleming being cheaper probably not anymore…)

Nobody forces you to use tornados for titans. In especially if you are in an alliance that kills all titans anyway, there is no need to use expensive items. Because I nearly never used them within my first 2 years of playing and have many more in stock, I sometimes use them for titans, but you benefit more if you save them for events.

I LOVE THIS IDEA. spreads the rewards around a bit more too

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I used to have a huge nugget bottleneck. Until I discovered 5-8 farming - the best WE to nugget ratio in the game. I now create tornadoes semi-regularly (advanced buildings and emblems soak up a lot of iron) but definitely craft a few every day. Despite that I have about 140 nuggets to draw from.

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I would like to see something like a 10% score reduction (for replaying level) when you lose a level. There should be some incentive and reward for not losing levels and it would disincentive people from fleeing and flasking for higher scores.

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Managed to make it to floor 22 on my main. I just got so unlucky with the placement of the oni stones that cost me a few key healers and defense down heroes. I hope to make it to at least 30 next time around. The one ninja hero that keeps kicking my bacon is the one that has his special have a very high chance to bypass defenses. Which basically kills any spirit link/riposte strat.

I think the fact that the developer said that for the time being, Ninja Tower alternate with ToL means this is still work in progress.

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I started March 2019 to the game and grinded till today There were surely times that I couldn’t complete events but those were early days.

When I started playing the Ninja event, I realized how much time it adds to my daily playtime. And an additional 10 round event daily which requires further attention is the last thing this game needs. I work 8 hours a day in my work and then have regular daily responsibilities. I am a gamer yes but I play mainly on consoles. Empires and Puzzles is the only mobile game I play and this is a distraction, or take a break time event for me.
Despite this and my 30+ year gaming habits, I completed everything and achieved some of my goals in the game. Have 10+ fully ascended 5 stars 40+ 4 stars and a deep bench of hero’s that awaits their turn or doomed 4star ascension materials.

This event is 100% not for me and on top of recent Hero nerf decisions this event put a very bad taste to me. The last couple of days I only did my titan hits and only completed my daily chests without any additional farming at all. As the game is only asking one thing lately:

More, more, more…

SG and Zynga are asking players to do more events, more pulls, spend more money constantly whereas the only thing we receive is fewer chances of hero’s, materials, etc…

There is a major balance issue within what the game offers and demands from players.

Since the Ninja event, our long alliance lost another long member and only 1 player decided to complete the event. We all have deep hero benches and defense scores above 4400 with a cup average of 2400+

I am not sure where I stand with this game anymore very honestly. Designing an event that force you to dedicate at least 1 additional hour to your gameplay is way too much. And for what the rewards are terrible. There is no chance to get any type of ascension material on an event that requires that much time is an insult to the player base. I want to strongly urge SG and Zynga to realize that time is the most valuable commodity in the world so if you demand players to spend that much time then you need to compensate for that dedication with good rewards.

Otherwise, the only thing you will do is push players further away. This will possibly be my final warning as a player as I am strongly losing interest. And from my friend range, there is a mass departure on long time players in which I am one of the newest players.

I strongly suggest you to sit down and work on this event from start to end.

I also will like to end my message with couple suggestions on how these improvements can be done.

Event Setup

Divide Event into 2 sections - Basic - Advanced
Basic will have less power limit and curses can last only 3 matches. This way all player base will have a chance to complete the event. It will have 25 stages and daily players will have 6 chances each refresh every 4 hour with a new turn.
Advanced will have none ending rounds. curse will last till the next event. Starts TP from 2500 all the way up. Define no end point for this event and let players participate this event for the first 3 weeks of the month. A perfect play ground for end game players and bragging rights on which levels they can reach etc…

Needs massive improvements. You need to stop being stingy on ascension materials. What good it makes for anyone to makes any pulls when they can’t ascend any hero’s ? Please respect players times as stated above and if they invest in it give players a chance to farm for those on most hardest content ever.



I had a dream last night…

I completed all 50 levels and lo and behold, there was a surprise new 50 levels! I worked and worked to complete these…and it took tons of time… When I finally finished, there was another surprise 50 levels.

It was never-ending…and I couldn’t stop. It was like being on a fast merry-go-round that never stopped and I couldn’t get off.

And it was like I was really part of the game, like in Jumanji.

What a terrifying dream!


Ratatoskr (who I had previously regretted spending tonics on since he’s 95% as effective vs Titans at 3/70) was absolutely amazing for this fight.

  • A good heal, since HoTs are weak at high tower levels anyway.

  • The tile buff to go with Evelyn and Hansel were brutal damage against Cobalt & Onyx who I found needed to be taken out first anyways. Charge all specials and line up some tiles going into Wave 3. Killed one of the ninjas in just a couple moves usually. I should probably try Buddy instead of Hansel, but it worked well as it was.

  • I believe the tile buff was NOT affected by the reduced buff duration. They stayed powered until used.

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Correct. Once the tile is strong it stays strong. Like magic night in Atlantis.


I have to second the complaint about rewards.

Seriously, SGG, you ■■■■■■ up the rewards. I thought you had learned that ranks are a bad way to assign rewards when you went to percentages for raid tourneys. Apparently not. Somebody making decisions is either a moron, is trying to drive away players, or both.

Let’s consider this, shall we?

As a baseline, let’s consider the event that this travesty replaced: tavern of legends. After completing 10 levels, you get 210 coins, or 2.1 pulls, for an average return on investment of 0.21 pulls per level.

If you complete all the levels, which I didn’t bother, because it was a ■■■■■■■ grind, you get approximately 125 coins, or 1.25 pulls. And that’s from completing 50 levels, so 0.025 pulls per level.

Then, in order to get a second pull from your rank, you need to be in the top 1,000 players.

Think about that: there are on the order of 1,200,000 players who log in daily. Let’s say 200k didn’t bother. In order to get a second pull, you had to be in the top 0.1%

For the love of Spice, you don’t even get more than a participation trophy until you’ve broken the top 10%!

No, SGG, this was a bad event with bad rewards.

I am a leader in my alliance, and I’m going to be advising that we not waste any time with this other than a perfunctory, single level, on autoplay, to get the free “screw you plebes” participation emblems.

TL;DR: ninja tower demands upwards of 5x as much time, for half the rewards, and only gives decent rewards to whales who don’t need them…


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