🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

Here is the answer:…


I just finished it and must say I really enjoyed it. Yes it’s a bit time consuming but SO much better than Tavern of Legends,

I also enjoyed the challenge. I have been playing for over 3 years with an ok bench (c2p) but don’t have the fast fingers to rate in events. I was very pleased to finish top 50k here. I also thought the item drops were a pleasant surprise given how item expensive it is.

In contrast, my f2p account with a thin bench even after 2 years really struggled and I chose to stop after level 40. I am OK with that… it gives me something to improve next time. It is nice to have something that stretches the long time players a bit


While the curses certainly rely on luck a bit, there are some strategies that help…shuffle board, keep diamond and dragons to pop when curses appear etc. I enjoyed that part of it, although I understand not everyone would

I clear the oni stone as slow as possible (preferably as the count remaining is 1). I notice that there can only be 1 stone at the board, by delaying to clear them, I slow down the next stone appearance. If the stone can already be matched but the count is still more than 1, I chose to use some turn to play other puzzle which is far from the stone.


I feel you. When I finished the event I was around top 200, then continued dropping… yesterday was top 1000, today I woke up into top 7,000. Didn’t want to spend too much resources for it to rush through it, but it is disappointing that being in top 0.5% players (judging from weekly tournaments, where around 12,000 place in leaderboard you are still in 1%) gives you rewards of 7th tier. What the hell. The rewards could as well not be there at all as they will only be for so few, and even for them, they are soooo cheap. This really ruins the entire excitement for this event for me.

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A number of the strategies are consolidated in this topic:

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That is a good guide…

I finally finished the test on Saturday even though I was decimated by the curse but in the end everything went well!
The paradox of the case was that the difficulty I encountered on floors 41-45 I did not encounter at 46-50 !! They seemed harder to me! In the last two levels I used them:
-Fenrir (monster)
Sir i used for items Tornados and Time Freeze!
My place until today round 9500

SG need to work on mob positioning…you can’t read the attack counter:


I realized that my overall loot wasn’t changing early on after missing much of the first 2 days unable to play much, and the tower being, and that I just wasn’t feeling it as useful.

Managed to come up a with a useful plan for final day today. Use ninja tower on autoplay to fill chests while losing. Beats using valuable world energy that might be needed for PoV or to push in S3…

Day 5

Only did 6 attacks the last day.
Managed to beat stage 43 but 5 losses on 44 caused my best 6 heroes to loose.
Only got leftovers even 5* but they can’t form a proper team.

Next time.


I’m glad that’s over with! I found it stressful, irritating (the constant curse stones punishing good play) and requiring WAY to much time. I played for well over an hour and still had two flags left, let alone the two rebuys I was planning for failed levels.

I’ve literally had jobs that didn’t require as much time as this game demands.


Count me in the camp of folks who found NT way too time consuming. The Oni Curses were more stressful than fun. The rewards stunk for the investment. Not looking forward to this again.


i was also knocked one reward tier down. but ah well, was only going for completion anyway (I did some levels while reading the news, cooking breakfast…) lol


Now that the event has ended some final notes from my side


  • Gameplay is really fun. Curses make you plan carefully around heroes you don’t want to lose just yet
  • Blessings are a cool mechanic although I think we could have seen some kind of tree instead of random 3 perks showing up


  • If you want to have a 50 level event, it needs to be a 10 day event, not 5. I will never finish this tower in it’s current state, between chests, titans and wars I don’t have time to play 10 additional levels which take some time to plan and play through
  • Repetitive bosses - I get that there are only 4 or 5 ninja heroes but what about throwing in a couple old Hotms every X levels to increase variety?
  • Reduction of over time effects - I get the point, but after a while DoT and HoT heroes are pretty much useless. In the current meta that means A LOT of heroes will do nothing but tile damage for you

Happy with that, might aim for top5000 next time with all flasks kept. :fox_face:


Final rank and rewards. That’s a total of 250 + 204 = 454 emblems from the event. No flasks used, and only cheap items. Detailed write up here. :slight_smile:


Good to know, exactly 6k difference are exactly 1000 ranks difference, congrats :fox_face:

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I made it around half way. Didn’t even use all of my flags each day.

Just felt like such a chore

Congrats to you too. And yes, very close indeed. :slight_smile:

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