November 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Masquerade, Mighty Pets, W3K, Covenant Of Champions, Underwild, Atlantis, Tower Of Styx, Valhalla, Black Friday Summon, Dynasty Of Dunes, and Tavern Of Legends)

It is just odd though that the event window and the summon window occur on different days in the month. Could we simply have them occur at the same time as with all other events please?


Indeed, I don’t really get that. And it makes your and everyone who is contributing’s calendar work just a tad bit more tedious lol…as if you didn’t already have enough work


Than you a lot! Interested by The Covenant Portal because that damn Alfrike is there… Dunno if it has any sense to go after her still though. Barring Kullervo (whom I wouldn’t mind second copy) I lack any of 5* there, even C-Marjana (though she has lower value for me after I got Khufu). Waterpipe of course looks enticing too.

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Yes, it is odd, but this was intended as per the release announcement.

I would prefer it in the same time too.

But now based on message from Petri Staff will no longer announce when the Summon will happen.
This was not the case earlier.

We will need our Mighty Oracle more than ever.


Thank you very much for taking this on! You did an amazing job with the Quick Reference and it’s our Guild’s #1 favorite calendar! It was greatly missed over the last couple of months.

Thank you to all the calendar makers, guides, references and hero information! You are all greatly appreciated and I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated by all your fellow players for everything you do for the E&P community is extremely thank you for it!

So THANK You Very Everyone!


Staff just changed SE dates again! Now coming next week!!!


Omg!!! I’m shocked and relieved at the same time haha. Thank you for the swift update :sweat_smile:


Any preview or guess on the list Mr. Oracle? :heart_eyes:


Their reason doesn’t make sense. Players plan resources to summon.

It would be a convenience to players to be able to plan ahead.

A happy customer spends more.


ooopph thanks for the update. this is strange and a bit annoying lol


YESS, thats great news! I am running out of rooster space :sweat_smile:

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*Casulay chacking if we have any Word from The Eye that all see, @Elioty33 *

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Thanks to the calendar team & @Zartanis : for the calendar & subsequent speedy updations to the calendars…

  • Damn, SG has kept this team on its toes with the constant - sudden changes they keep inserting in between… :smile:

Good work fellas :+1:


I’m trying to think of why? Is se prior to black Friday going to drive desire and interest. Oh man… We got… Arco/ Ludwig… I wish i could pull 2… But since i can’t I’ll just pull hard in the black Friday portal?

some may be boycotting summons

I am sure that @L33tVortex12596 is not the only player in this situation.

It may not add up to millions of revenue lost but I have a feeling that this loss is sufficiently significant; contributing to the turnaround in Zynga/SGG’s earlier decision on SE.

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I’m more likely to join a boycott… But only after getting my first hero from the fated…

Same here. Got Sartana from TC20 today and had to buy roster space because there was no SE

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I bet this bait and switch is going to be the norm going forward just to stop @Elioty33 from being able to get the list out so early haha


I wondered if something like this might be a factor. Maybe SGG has some kind of data that says careful planning results in less spending or something.

Updated with Soul Exchange.