Not getting heroes I like

My attempt at getting that pirate girl from the red team never works, and it costed me a lot of money in my App Store account .

Right now, I getting only lame heroes like Sirgun and Brand.

if you’re getting one stars you’re not doing elemental or epic summons but daily. you can’t get 4 or 5 star heroes with those summons.


That’s the problem, I just wish that Daily Summons simply said “Random common heroes or troops

You’re not gonna get anyone higher than a 3 star from daily summons

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1 and 2* hero’s and troops are the most common you will get from the common summoning coin. On very rear occasions you my receive a 3* troop or hero, but it’s dose not happen offen.

It’s a fair point that the description in the regular summons doesn’t make clear that there is a ZERO percent chance of pulling anything better than 3*. If you scroll through the examples of what you might get, the best is a 3*, but it would be clearer to replace “Random Hero or Troop” with “Random Common, Uncommon or Rare Hero or Troop”. Less pithy but more accurate.

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Or say “random hero, 1* - 3*”

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It gives troops 1*-3*, too. And SG seems to shy away from using the stars as descriptors. Not cool enough or something.

True. Hmmm. :thinking:

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