Not complaining just a question

Does anyone have a thought on how long till this update is available for iOS. It says soon Is that a couple of days or a few weeks ?:crossed_fingers:t3:

Usually is 1 or 2 days (I’m on iOS as well).

I suspect they send the release to the Apple store and to Google Play at the same time but Apple takes its time to review.


I love my phone but agree the folks at Apple take long lunch breaks :joy:

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Another example I have to journal my purchases because of the gap between buying them and apple billing my credit card. Of course in the meantime I’ve figured out I was spending too much.:flushed:

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It’s already there. Just update your app!

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The iOS update is out. You may need to refresh the app store. I did this AM.

Also: outside of guardians & knights, no event is more tempting than the seasonal events that dangle the ascension materials right in front of your nose. I was proud of myself for not buying any of them. Meanwhile my BFF bought all except for the 50 dollar one. SMDH.

This game seems to be more rewarding the less you spend, even if you grow slower.

If I could give myself a piece of advice to start the game all over again, it would be this: Spend 250 dollars only, and then stop completely. 50 for the year of VIP. 2 10-pulls each from knights and guardians, then the rest on troop 10-pulls.

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I agree about the spending and I also agree that the more you spend somehow that game gives you less. I have really curbed my spending and it’s actually the first game I’ve ever played that I’ve ever spent a nickel on.:sunglasses:

And thanks for the info on the updates off to the AppStore I go :grinning:

Thank You very much!!!

I think the game gives indiscriminately of spending, but I feel my joy over getting khiona & zim far out paced my alliance-mate’s joy over getting panther, falcon & (his second) Zim, athough he spent over 75 bucks for the pleasure.

I am having more fun now than when I was even buying the dollar deals. Because there, I had hope I would pull something. using gems I’ve earned or tickets/tokens I’ve earned I have no expectation of winning, but play it because i have it. When I get something it’s much more of a nice surprise.

I would get VIP if I needed it, though, because the slog to TC20 is too long and I am too impatient. Now that I have 2 TC20 and 1 Forge19 (don’t care about forge20)… I have no need.

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It was’nt until a month ago but I figured out the importance of my stronghold going to 20 and then working towards a TC 20. I am well on my way but had a slow start because of the lack of information. Then sharp shooting, intelligent,youthful people like yourself showed me the errors of my ways :joy::sunglasses:


What’s funny to me is that I stopped TC20 because I had too many 5* generated from it and needed to chill TF out!

I got sartana my 2nd full run of TC20, hurried her to 3/70, then in September? I ran 4 tc20 round the clock for 2 weeks and got 7 5* which I know is atypical. Had to stop.(lianna * 2, Joon, Vivica, Justice, Leonidas & Magni)

The game keeps trying to make me holier by giving me all these holy heroes. My aura must precede me.

Was ramping up for a red 5* but I don’t know of any Season 1 Red 5* that is better than Zimkitha. (Azlar, Khagan, Elena, Marjana). So I will just sit on my hands. It’s fun to sit on my hands, too.

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