No Titan Loot after Titan

Name: H3adshotfox77
Platform: Android
Time: 0755 PST 01FEB2019

Today when I logged in the titan was slayed but I did not receive any loot. The titan did count to fill my Titan chest but did not give me any normal titan loot.

This has happened a few times, at least I have suspected it. This time I cleared all the new item indicators before logging out yesterday. When I checked my existing items this morning there was no new items after the titans death (was checking in case it just wasnt displayed to me but was actually received).

I will continue to check and will update this thread if it happens again or the items end up showing up.

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Actually, there’s a genuine support ticket system. It’s good that you reported on the forum too, so that SG is aware of the problem. But you’ll want to submit a support ticket so they can help with your specific account.

If you had trouble getting to the support ticket submission page through the game, try this link here:


@Kerridoc FYI, @Garanwyn got one in under the wire after the split. :wink:

Yah i found it after i posted this but thank you. When you do click report tho it takes you to the forums but doesnt make it clear to go to a different location and post a bug report that way.

Either way hopefully it gets fixed, tired of being first or second then missing the loot rolls.

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I killed the titan and did not get a treasure is not the first timeScreenshot_2019-02-07-23-44-23

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