No talents on my defense team - should there be?

So, I have just settled on a new 5* defense team, and NONE of them have talents as I have previously put them mainly on my 4* heroes. My current, untalented, defense is:

Evelyn-Khiona-Aegir- Leonidas-Marjana (all at 4/80)

My talented heros are:
Vivica +3
Kiril +9
Melendor +9
Rigard +1
WuKong +9
Scarlett +9
Gretel +11
Buddy +12
Boldtusk +10
Sabina +14
Sonya +9

The only other maxed 5* I have is Isarnia. I also have Elk, Zimkitha, Domitia and Mitsy at 3/70 (or close to)

I like the talented 4*'s as they help me raid more easily, and are good in wars.

But, any thoughts whether I should reset any emblems to my 5* defense team heroes - or just leave it as it is. I hold in Diamond pretty well usually. I have 2 reset tokens.


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I did, since those talents are pretty cool. Decided to give talents to as many heroes as possible up to at least tier 4. The first crossroads of the grid seems to be a solid basis.

Afterwards I’ll grind to bring more talents to my key heroes.

My goal is a deep bench with many talented heroes.


Seconded. I was initially planning on giving emblems only to my superstar heroes, but with as long as it takes to collect emblems, I decided to change it up and start spreading them to a couple different heroes in each class. Very helpful for wars.


Thanks for the replies folks.
I guess the is really a more general question around:

  1. Should you put all emblems on a single character, or spread them around.
  2. Should you prioritise emblems on your defense team, or use them on other heros for greater strength in depth for wars, raids and titan
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There are at least 3 strategies:

  1. high talented defense
  2. epics get all emblems
  3. spread to most useful

  1. will hold some more cups, but will be beaten like any defense will

  2. will make your epics legendarish at least for a while, presumably for about 2 years

  3. will provide a little bit of both and probably the most advantageous overall performance boosting every part of the game


I think talents on defense team is unnecessary. With your team you should have no trouble to stay in diamond, so there’s no real point in increasing their power (unless you really need the watchtower ressources).

I used my emblems on the heroes I use the most for titans and offensive PvP. If they are also in my defense team it’s a bonus.

I also focus on just one set of heroes instead of spreading. Only exception is when I get a new, better hero and don’t want to reset the emblems on the old one.


I put mine on the hero’s I use the most. I would like a better one in a couple classes but I have what I have.

Sorcerer Natalya 294
Rogue Khiona 274
Barbarian Grimm 263
Druid Caedmon 289
Monk Joon 241
Wizard Onatel 298
Ranger Lianna 302
Cleric Kunchen 273
Paladin Sonya 275
Fighter Boldtusk 291
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