Ninja Tower Bug - Floored Description [MASTER] 01/04/21

@Petri @KiraSG

Fortunately, I think I’ve caught this before it’s become too much of a scandal.

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Note the description of Fragile Floor:

As items can only be taken in quantities of discrete values, the description should read “one FEWER than normally”, rather than "less".

I hope this can get sorted promptly.

I’d suggest some kind of compensation, maybe something beyond the usual energy flask?


Yay! We got one less problem with that now…

Whoops. :laughing:

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I would say that everybody should have the right to choose one 5* Ninja for free, not less!

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Good afternoon, Bard, feeling picky today, huh? It’s their version of April’s fools, or yours? :wink:
Maybe we’ll have half mana pots, or broken arrows attack! That way less would be right, right?
(Not a native speaker, so it’s kinda meh to me)

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Well, yes perhaps my hyperbole is a little tongue in cheek but actually I’ve just seen a second typo.

It should read “are 1 turn shorter than NORMAL”, should it not? Or perhaps “last one turn shorter than normally”?

I’ve made my peace with boards being random, but surely not adverbs?!


I was also bothered by that, but I went ahead and played the floors anyway. Praise the Bard for being keen on grammar! :sunglasses:

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JonahTheBard :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: (Holy :yellow_circle:)

Special Skill: Pedant’s Fury
:arrow_right: Deals 100% damage (because one cannot give more than 100%, can one?) to all enemies with a grammatical error on their card. Damage is increased with each split infinitive.

:infinity: Elemental link: All allies check each other’s grammar for four turns. A small amount of mana is gained for each misplaced apostrophe.


English is not my first language, but I think you have forgotten to add the comma after “fortunately” :wink:


Spotter’s prize @D_DI .

Duly added


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