Next red hero for DaveCozy to level up [Going with Boldtusk2]

I’m going with a duplicate Boldtusk.

Thanks a ton everyone for your second opinions and advice :+1: :slight_smile:

Original post

This next red hero will be for wars mostly.

Here are my existing maxed red heroes;

And here are my options for next red heroes to max:

I was leaning towards a duplicate Boldtusk, Wilbur, or Scarlett.

But I want second opinions


Second Boldtusk if you don’t have enough healers for AW.
Otherwise, I’d go with first Colen, he can be useful for 4* rush tournaments.


What team composition do you typically use for War?

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@D_DI has a good point. But you said war. I personally like variety over variability so I’d not say MJ. Which leans me to Khagen but those rings are precious. I think I lean towards one of your 4* as well.

For war, I’d say BT, but Scarlett and Colin have advantages for challenge events and raid tournaments.

So I’m with BT, unless you’re going to weigh those other items some too.


I’d maybe go with colen even though his slow unfortunately you don’t have a falcon as they gold together plus with wilbur
Maybe another BT if you need a healer.


We have not faced green tanks so far, so my red teams are usually 3-2 in wars. Often the other color is purple or yellow.

This is the one I use most for defeating a team fully;

The other two are mostly cleanup, the second one more so since it lacks a healer;

But all this could change if we face green tanks in war soon

Given those teams, as well as the possibility of green tanks, I’d max a second Boldtusk.

If you pick up his Costume at some point, it’d be worth maxing it on both copies too, just for the stat bumps.


I agree second Boldtusk to augment your last team.

Otherwise, look at your teams and see who on it would be replaced. Then decide which hero best replaces that one. Looking at your temads that way, I’d likely still go BT but then I loves me my healers for war. It’s why I’m leaning towards a third Rigard as my next purple project.


I can relate…

I don’t have a problem, I can stop whenever I want to


LOL you definitely outrank me there.

I have only ever pulled one BT in two years plus playing.

Three Vivica though …


Coming from the alliance GREATEST DRUNKS, I’ve always wanted to have a 5x Kiril war defense. Tips cap at @zephyr1


2nd Boldtusk… :muscle:

My Empire of Healers Teams


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