New War Rule -- ✨ War Equalizer

Wait, are you implying you win against lv25 troops with your lv11 troops more when the enemy has an actual buff?

Or do you mean you lose more on defense with the equaliser? How do you know what heroes and troops you’re attacked with? I’m confused.


Few people here have “all” troops over lvl.20… most veteran players have a rainbow set of lvl. 25+ troops and another set on lower levels (lvl.10 - 20). Only very few have a third set leveled above lvl.10. Given the fact that eficient war and raid teams are usually structured 3 /2, 4/1 or even mono, only a handfull of veteran players with deep pockets have three or more lvl. 20+ troops in all colors, to be able to deploy with color stacked teams. So, whenever you see some player with all lvl.30 troops on his rainbow defense, don’t think he’d also be able to deploy a color stacked attack team with the same high troops level.


I give it a major thumbs up


I like it. Timed correctly it works very well. It helped me win 2 battles Wednesday. I damn sure like it better than Field Aid.

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Actually, timing really is a bigger deal with the equaliser war buff I’m not sure why you wouldn’t think that :woman_shrugging:.

You have to be more diligent watching the equaliser bar before unloading any specials, assuming of course you’ve had the right coloured tiles to build up any mana. The first time this buff was released I mistimed all my specials, it was not pretty. The second time however, was a much better experience.

I agree troop levels make a difference, but that is factored in at war match making. I like the variety this buff adds to alliance wars.


A buff is a word to describe an ability that makes you more powerful.

I found a link in this community that could be useful to you.

The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


Wars should be matching similar teams. If you are lower level, you should be fighting lower level teams. If your opponets only have huge troops, you’re going to lose no matter what the War Rule is. If the strong teams in your alliance are taking out the weak ones, shame on them


Noor, gefjon, Grimble, skadi are the most effective seshat counters

Your 2nd point. I mean … Its pointless to spend time making a defense team to try to eat flags when no matter what EVERYONE can beat them regardless… I went 5/6 last war too & got top attacker for my team & all I did was attack the most valuable target that alliance had to offer to get max pts… & STILL lost b/c w/ that war rule, it doesn’t matter when you have every1 1 shotting you when NORMALLY it would take 2, 3,or more flags to do so & they’re racking up points that they normally wouldn’t even get b/c of a war rule that makes your defensive heroes null & void. Offense… Of COURSE everyone likes it b/c now they’re WINNING… But now, we got TOO MANY winners & too much of anything is a bad thing. It makes it too easy for the offense. You don’t even need strategy or skill for that matter. All you gotta do is participate… Too easy

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Basically it takes the “challenge” out the game is my thing…

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I agree, but your planning of firing specials is massively simplified. Hence the word “primitive”.

Take the Clarissa example. I’m not interested in her direct damage at all. I use DoTs to cut through defenses, ideally piling them up, letting them do their work while I concentrate on other stuff.

Clarissa’s also very fast, so a vulnerable pushover. So if the equalizer bar is nearly full, say she’s charged, will I risk hanging onto her charge for another round? Unlikely. Thus I wouldn’t recommend taking her in an attack, a simple sniper would be better.

I did take her, she’s +19 after all, but she wasn’t effective. Should’ve replaced her with Sartana.

Just an example

@amrath Minions are cool, and they work perfectly with the equalizer. But I think that’s already been answered :smile:

Seshat an equalizer superstar!


I see that most of you aren’t picking up what I’m laying down… I talking more about the DEFENSIVE aspect… DEFENSE TEAMS… are now WAY TOO easy to beat… B/c that war rule makes over 90% of defensive heroes null & void. OBVIOUSLY offense is cool b/c NOW the defenders have NO DEFENSE. YEAH! IT IS fun when your beating the crap out of a team that you normally cant beat… But when EVERYONE’S doing it, regardless of how GREAT your defense team is… It takes the fun out the game & credibility too. Can you REALLY say you can beat me, or have beaten me… When you can time your specials around that war rule but my defense team CAN’T… ??? You’re not fighting a real battle… Its fixed! So NO!.. B/c it wasn’t under equal circumstances… THAT’S my thing about it… It doesn’t prove that 1 player is better than another frfr… It’s who can get the most 1 shots… & if you have bigger troops, as an alliance, than the alliance your going up against… YOU WON… B/c your getting more one shots w/ bigger troops on your attack team against defenders w/ weaker ones than the attackers w/ the weaker troops going up against the defenders w/ bigger troops (once again, as an alliance)… The buffs ARE the equalizer in that situation, & when you take them away, then it becomes unbalanced… That’s my gripe… Its NOT an equalizer

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Timing is ALL in War equalizer.

If you don’t realiza that, you need to better understand game mechanics.

Actually, it works as a handicap FOR YOU if you are going against high level mana troops.

Why? precisely because mana troops fill heroes faster, and some times will fire just before equalizer removes buffs/aliments, while you can wait for this to happen and then fire your heroes, getting 3 full turns of effects.

BTW, you telling me I don’t know about the subject without knowing me, says more about you than about me.

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Sernarok… Not mad @ you bro… Much love… But once again this is OFFENSIVELY… Offensively… You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! TIMING IS EVERYTHAAANG… BUT defense teams do NOT … have the luxury of TIMING… In a battle that takes away EVERYTHING THEY ARE in 3 turns… That’s what I’m saying… ANYBODY can win… against ANY DEFENSE TEAM… If the defenders have NO control over TIMING… Buffs even THAT out… & though it may sound like “EQUALIZING” to most… B/C NOW, ANYBODY van win… It’s ACTUALLY a detrimental HANDICAP… B/c NOW… It requires NO SKILL to win. That’s why I made a post about creating a top defender award… B/c ALLL people focus on in this game is offense for some unknown reason… WAIT! I know WHY! B/c its THE ONLY thing that’s rewarded in this game… So OF COURSE ppl would miss my point b/c their minds aren’t where mine is in that aspect… Thanks for the comments 4REAL though… Real $H!t… Appreciate you, seriously. (Not mad, just animated…lol):+1:

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Can you repeat everything you just said, but now in English please?


Can* not van… Typo… Yes I’m human…:grin:

Well, I think that’s exactly why they created this type of aid.

Now you can bring your Magnis, Marjanas and Joons to see some action in defense, instead of just using them for attack.

BTW, they only did one OS on me last war.


I’m going to try to de-construct this for you:

  • Defense teams need to be re-evaluted for this war mode. A decision has to be made whether to change your regular heroes (who may be ailment givers/DOT givers) with other less used heroes who may be generally less effective or less emblemed. Strategy and some gambling is required in this

  • Offense teams also need to be re-evaluated, in the same way as above. Teams you are used to playing, where there are known synergies, may no longer work as well. For example my Wilbur/G Falcon mono team is much worse now because I have a much smaller window of opportunity to find red tiles to capitalise on the debuffs, which likely means the opponent can heal away the damage and then destroy me.

  • Within the match you do largely have the advantage as you select your team against the defensive team, and you can try to work around the equaliser timings. This in no way guarantees a win. You still have to intelligently select teams, you have to play intelligently (probably even more so than usual) and you have to have some element of luck to support you. Getting an overall higher alliance war score does not take away the skill aspect. Our war opponents scored under 6K in this last war and they are a top 100 alliance. This is attributable to us setting up good defenses, and them not employing optimal strategies to work around the equaliser

  • War matching whilst not perfect is based on the war score of both teams. If one team has a higher score because they have a better war record vs a team with a worse record but better teams/troops, then that is essentially fair as it indicates one team whilst stronger on paper is not as skilled as the other team. That more “skilled” team is not put at a disadvantage in this war mode, not any more than in any other war mode.

  • And I am not sure why you are focusing on troops so much. I have level 11 to 17 troops across the board and I do well in offense against opponents in any type of war rule. Troops do not impact the outcome nearly so much as forming good teams, choosing opponents wisely and playing intelligently.


Who’d you have in??? & good point👍

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