New player, not sure what to summon next

Never let game pieces decide your game. You see what you have and plan.

As F2P, your focus needs to be on getting the most value for your gems and nonfarmable ascension materials. To that end, the advice above from @Gryphonknight is very valuable. Go as far as you can using farmable materials. Save your gems for event summons. Get your stronghold and training camps leveled up as quickly as you can so you can train your own heroes.

For 3*, keep and level the following as you get them:

Red: Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne
Purple: Balthazar x2, Tyrum
Yellow: Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju.

Also keep and level any 3* Atlantis or Event heroes you get. Don’t waste feeder heroes on any other 3* or lower.

In case no one has told you, there is a 20% experience bonus for training with same color feeders, in addition to a double chance of improving the special abilities. For that reason, I recommend working on one hero of each color at a time until they’re maxed.

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And if you haven’t seen this yet, it might also help you.

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Thanks alot, great list =)
I have read alot of guides, maybe to many so it get a bit confusing when youre trying to figure out everything at once - so I really appreciate all the people who take their time to reply here :slight_smile:
I’m always trying to use 10 of the same color to feed, but I only got 1 green hero: skittle, and I can’t afford to ascend him so think I had 30 green 1* & 2* at a point, I’m guessing I can’t delete them? Then I don’t have space for more heroes, so I can’t train, and then it says I need more housing and the fun begins :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure I understand what you’re saying here :frowning:

Save your food to ascend Skittles. You can leave feeder heroes in your training camps until you need them

I think @Bud is telling you to make the best of the heroes you have, instead of planning for heroes you may not get for a long time, if at all.


One other thing that it’s worthwhile to spend gems on is increasing your hero capacity. It starts out at 50 gems per 5 slots. Each time you make 5 purchases (25 slots), the price increases by 50 gems

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If you feed them 1*, then easier to max special. Can feed 2* and 1* after the special is maxed. 1* have better %/xp ratio, 2* level the heroes too fast compared to chance to increase special.

Buying more space is a good investment if you have the gems. If not, could try feed 5 heroes at ince, not 10.

Farming: kany people like 8.7, low energy cost and good on recuits.

Ah, that’s what I’m doing, but if/when choosing elemental summon it’s nice to know what color to go for :slight_smile: I really tought I needed a healer, but progressing fine without! Skittle, Li and Karil ascended since last time - struggling with not enough feeder heroes now while I’m waiting for TC upgrades so none of them maxed yet, but this also means I got plenty space so feeding 10 at a time to the 5 different colors (Li, Skittle, Colen, Karil & Balt).

Thanks, doing this with Balt now and he is 7/8 with 10 lvls to go - hopefully he gets the last one. Graymane is stuck on 5/8 but I don’t think I’ll spend any food on him until Karil is maxed.

I farmed 8.7 quite a bit, but now im out of backpacks so farming 5.8 for that, also get alot of cool colored chest missions (blue one gave me a ton of summon tokens, got Prisca from that but she seems like a purple version of Graymane). Tbh lvling 5 at a time takes a long time, so I hope I don’t get anything new for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Read all of your guides so thinking I should spend my next gems on a summon when guardians is up. Really nice to learn about the TC storage and how you can move things around to get room for recruits/food/when needing backpacks but still want to farm. Also enjoyed the guide about hero ratings, eventho I guess a “weak” hero can be great in the right team comp (Keeping “all” the 3s for war anyways, we might win this one! :smiley: So fun I almost wish I could upgrade a bunch of 2* just to do better )

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Still no healer :frowning:

Heroes i got now:

6 Red: Colen (3/70), Gormek, Nashgar x2 (1 is 3/50), Jahangir, Azar
1 Green: Skittleskull (3/70)
2 Blue: Graymane (3/50), Karil (3/50)
3 Yellow: Li Xiu (3/07), Bane (3/50), Kailani (2/16)
6 Purple: Balthazar (3/50), Prisca (2/01), Oberon, Tyrum x 3 (1 is 3/09)

Running TC13 but only got 3x Tyrum so far, getting kind of boring not to get any healer out of 18 3*+ heroes (probably because my friends got healers early on and don’t run into the same problems in events and hard quests so they get hidden blades and those things needed to ascend while I can’t complete it even if i use healing potions).
Currently leveling: Li, Gormek and Tyrum.

Belith is the best 3* healer by far if you want to throw some gems when Nature is available.

Or you can always hope to get a Kiril/Boldtusk/Rigard from TC13.

Belith would be amazing, would be happy to see Hawkmoon, Friar Tuck or anything that heals right now :smiley:
Will go for green elemental summon asap, but it’s up very soon and I’m nowhere near the gems needed so it will be atleast 9 days (or however long the cycle is).
Wish they could add something so this wouldnt happen, so if you get 10 3*+ heroes without any of them being a healer you get a guaranteed healer next summon/training… or they could have a healing starterhero instead of Bane :expressionless: (Don’t get me wrong I love my Bane, tried to swap in Li but swapped back again as she felt really weak compared).

You don’t always need healers but of course it’s nice to have a few.

If you are going to use gems wait for Nature then, you have more healers there (Melendor, Fire Truck, Belith, Brienne even if not a healer is awesome).

And comparing Bane to Li Xiu is weird. First of all Bane (3-50 against 3-7) right now is stronger and second they are two differents kind of Heroes. Li is a great 4* tank with mana control, she’s not a hard hitter as Bane.

I think it was in one of the guides linked in this thread, that any 4* 3/60 is stronger than any 3* 3/50, so I gave it some tries. Tho I got Colen, Skittle and Karil attacking more than 1 target already so Bane and Balthazar is nice on the big nukes.

Ice chest just spawned, so hopefully I can get an epic summon token and get lucky now… :confounded:

Yeah, Li at 3*60 is better than Bane. But yours is at 3-7. And of course it all depends on knowing how to play each Hero. She has a place on many teams I use, same as Bane.

Good point =) She did great in war as tank as well, I’m really happy with all the heroes I got so far (except Oberon maybe, but i still want atleast 1 of each, also noticed alot of event teams used more than 1 Nashgar and/or Tyrum so atleast their duplicates are good for more than wars).

Silly question, when the enemy cast riposte (or perfect riposte, the counterattack skill), is there any way to pass my turn so I don’t kill myself? Trying to use tiles where my hero of the same color is already dead, or on the sides, but most of the time I’m “forced” to kill myself.

Nope, you have to either use ghost tiles, aim for the heroes that don’t have the riposte stats or use a dispeller.

Truth is if you don’t have a hero that can dispell better avoid those fights.

Thanks! Wish I knew this before, Tyrum can do that job :roll_eyes:

Don’t forget Sabina…

Any healer would be great =)

22 heroes 3* and higher now, and still no healer. Got one epic summon token that gave Dawa, TC13 gave Carver and elemental green gave another Carver, second TC13 Prisca again. On the plus side I got a green 4* troop with + healing so hopefully theyll take the hint and join me soon :stuck_out_tongue:

6 Red: Colen (3/70), Gormek, Nashgar x2 (1 is 3/50), Jahangir, Azar
3 Green: Skittleskull (3/70), Carver x2
2 Blue: Graymane (3/50), Karil (3/50)
4 Yellow: Li Xiu (3/58), Bane (3/50), Kailani (2/16), Dawa
6 Purple: Balthazar (3/50), Prisca x2, Oberon, Tyrum x 3 (1 is 3/09)

Not sure who I want to lvl of the 3* anymore, I will keep all until I have 30 for war, but it seems pointless to lvl up the weaker ones. From reading the forum (and reply in this thread by NPNKY) I guess these are the ones to keep:

Red: Nashgar x2, Azar (1 Nash maxed, Hawkmoon if TC13 want to be nice)
Blue: Karil, Greymane (Valen, Ulmer and Gunnar if I get them)
Green: None at the moment (Belith, Berden and Brienne wanted)
Purple: Balth x many, Tyrum (1 Balth + Tyrum maxed atm, 2 Tyrum dupes)
Yellow: Bane x many, Kailani (Bane maxed, Kailani will be maxed as soon as Li get her 2 last lvls, Gan Ju is he usefull for something, or would another Bane be better?)

Right now it feels like its better to level up Kailani > 2nd Nashgar (slow as red goes to Gormek first) > Tyrum x2 > Azar if I get nothing else better. Carver, Prisca, Jahangir and Dawa just doesnt seem like something that I will use alot in events? (Unleveled I use them in war, but it’s like a baby war of 1200-2600 teams so even 1*-2* unleveled can wipe out the lower teams with good tiles)
Getting a new 3* every 2nd day so even if it’s all rng I’m pretty sure it shouldnt take more than 2-3 months to have most of them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: