New monthly event where we rent random heroes

So it goes like this: enroll in event, get a roster of 15 random heroes to use during the event, 3*-5*. You can also freeze heroes from the list and reroll the rest with gems. Play levels similar to challenge events, but the enemies of the last stage are random 3-5* heroes. If you win, you can trade one of the original 15 you got for one you just defeated. So on and so forth. This will allow players to try out heroes they don’t have and maybe provide and incentive to pull for them. Plus it would be really fun to try out a bunch of new heroes just for one event. Would any player or SG be against this? Maybe make the rental mechanic for the new ninja tower which currently is nothing at all special but nothing special but rather derivative and boring.

If it’s free and it’s fun, SG is against it.


Yes but what if someone tries out the HOTM and decide it’s a must have and $1000 later they finally get it. SG still wins

A valid point sir. Kudos for thinking outside the loot box.

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Wait, what? Rent them heroes? And after you level them and later found out they are not worth ascending, they are returned to SG after the rental has expired. This is a waste of food and ascension materials.

Please read before posting. This comment has nothing to do with the original post except that they share the general idea of “renting”

I did. And now you read your first post.

You mentioned rent. Rent is legally possessing something without owning them for a consideration and for a time. The consideration here is the enrolment in such event. The time here is the duration of the event. You even mentioned the rental mechanic. You can’t really expect SGG renting those heroes already maxed (or emblemed), are you? They would lose potential revenues here (food and feeders may incur cost from the shop). And what’s the use of temporarily having these heroes if they are not even maxed? And leveling them takes lotsa time and resources. And why would they rent heroes when they can sell it? They don’t get nothing from it.

Besides, as @masterslamhole said it better: IF IT’S FREE AND IT’S FUN, SG IS AGAINST IT.

Th word rent seems to be inaccurate, but the post clearly states what his idea is about.

As I understand it it’s a temporary use of heroes during a specific event, basically like a test drive of a car.

Make no mistake, I got the idea. But temporarily borrowing heroes for a limited duration does not compensate leveling, ascending and maxing them, more so if we need to spend ascension materials. SG won’t even consider the idea of letting players borrow heroes when they can gain more by selling us the chance of getting them. And they won’t even consider leasing them heroes at max level already as there is no income generated there.

Yes the idea is they are leveled already of course. Allows players to test new heroes and tempt them to pull so it’s a win-win.

It’s an interesting idea. I’d try it out for sure - I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have some of those other fancy heroes.

I think it’s kind of funny that others are getting hung up on the idea of renting heroes… LOL… if you really think about it? We’re all just “renting” ALL of our heroes. :laughing:

How about leasing? Sometimes if the value of a car is more than expected you get money back. You also have the potential to buy out a lease. This would be interesting as they could limit leases, and you could be locked in to a lease for a few (6?) months at a time. A fully leveled hero could reduce the cost of purchase?

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Yes! Whatever you like to call it. The point is: players get to try out heroes they don’t own, and SG wins because it will incentivize people to pull for ones they like!

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I’d like to see a reverse-mortgage for 5* heroes. Every month SG can put new 5* heroes into my roster to use based on my current equity. When I eventually die and stop playing the game, SG can take back the 5* heroes.

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Another game similar to e&p already does this. 3 day event where you’re given 18 random maxed heroes which you use to set up a defense and attack. You get 6 flags per day. You can pay to reshuffle and get 18 different heroes. You go up against the defenses other players put up. I think it’s fun and it does make me wish I had some of the heroes I get to use in the event.


I am not sure about it, but I pretty much conceive that the other game you are talking about is not one created by Small Giants.

I’ve played another game where you can gain different heroes on your path in a certain part of the game. Playing with other characters does help keep things fun and fresh, even if you don’t get to keep them.

It’s not. I was just pointing out that there was an option to make money via the reshuffle to get 18 different hereos.

The same game I was referencing above also has this feature so I’m assuming we’re talking about the same one. It is definitely fun to get to use other heroes temporarily.

You’re right JLB! Reshuffling is another way for SG to burn gems and if the rewards are good enough top players will reshuffle, and lower level players might reshuffle just to try out different heroes. I think slot of players can agree having an event where you can try out different heroes than the one you have would be fun. We’re also saying fun does not mean missed money for SG

Also just pointing out, software wise wouldn’t be too hard to make either. All the pieces of the puzzle are there. I’m sure the Sand empire board behavior was harder to make than this.

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