New Lvl 200 Avatar

Just found this awesome avatar. Seems to be the reward for reaching level 200



My best hope is to hit 100 before I am done, 200 will not happen lol


I guess Ta Gon finally hit level 200?


oooh, is that so? :thinking: if this is legit the case, or if just that there is an avatar for hitting lv 200, it’s something to look forward to at least… in like … 10 years… i guess :joy:


That’s 20 characters of rightness

This looks like a S4 avatar.

As I’m not playing the avatar missions I’m not sure, but chance is high for that…

Or maybe not, as I can’t remember Nemo as boss on the map :thinking:


Talking about [Ta Gon] Jo Seon, what happend with them? They disappeared from Top 100, where they never dropped since… Last year?

it may also be a S4 Hard mode avatar. Since we get one for normal, and another for hard mode. Doubt they would put a S4 hero as a level 200 avatar

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S4 isn’t finished yet.

And yes, that’s Ta Gon.

I have all the available avatars up to the latest mission, unfortunately there is no nemo avatar yet.
The avatar for completing hard mode(stage 36 - if there is no more stages) is not yet available, so it’s more likely it’s not a hard mode reward, right?

@Guvnor / @Dudeious.Maximus / @littleKAF / @PlayForFun anyone of you might know where this avatar is from? you’re all very well informed usually :smiley:


I am not sure maybe it was available in the shop ?

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You mean as 1200gem offer? If so, I’m pretty sure alasie was available yesterday, now it’s musashi

I am not sure which offer as I usually not checking them.
It was just a guess.

Hopefully someone will enlighten us soon :wink:

This makes sense to me the Viv one is unquie, as what Playforfun said I’d agree with bought in shop…

He is currently playing in the alliance ~Ковчег~. And yes, he has reached level 200. ))))


It’s not from the shop, they don’t put the newer heroes in there.

It’s also not from an S4 mission and there’s no corresponding challenge event.

The level 100 Viv avatar isn’t exactly unique, they had used that incarnation of her on one of the pop up sales. It’s not something in-game though which is nice.

If the Nemo avatar is for reaching lvl 200 it’s pretty lame because it’s literally taken right from his card.


the design of it is unquie its different then a standard hero avatar… Yeah the nemo one is pretty pants… Honestly thought a lvl 200 would be different then a standard… My bad.

Yep, they’ve had plenty of time to think about it. Maybe they’ll put some more effort in and replace it with something that actually is unique.

Sticking with S1 heroes and going with a male this time my vote would be for Obakan. :purple_heart: