[NEW EVENT] Welcome to the Beach Party! 🏖️

Get ready to make a splash at the Beach Party, our new summer event! :sun_with_face::surfing_man::diving_mask:

:date: Schedule


:new: Featuring

  • New Seasonal Event
    • NOTE: Beach Party Summon includes Beach Party AND Sand Empire Heroes
  • New Stage Property: Water Bombs
    • Water Bombs explode when their counter runs out, damaging all Heroes that are of the same element as the Water Bomb and disabling an available Battle Item for 3 turns.
    • Match Water Bombs to build up Water Splash. You can activate Water Splash once you have matched 4 Water Bombs.
    • Water Splash:
      • All enemies receive damage equal to 15% of their max health.
      • All enemies get -50% defense against a given element (one element is chosen at random) for 4 turns.
  • All-new Rare, Epic, and Legendary Heroes!
    • Beach Party Family Bonus:
      • Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: -20%/-40%/-60% damage received from damage-over-time status effects. The members of this family also have additional perks in the Beach Party event.