New Event (Battle Royale)


So we already have a PVP raid system. We could have a BR style event. You make 3 teams from your heroes. Team 1 could be your strongest or you could mix and match. Your Team 1 will face the opponents Team 1 T2 vs T2 3vs 3. Winner will win the majority of fights. Then you do a loot system for 1/2/3 places 4-10, 11-49, 50-100 etc winning gems/ ascend items/ flasks/ summons etc.


Sounds interesting. Especially if this could be done on an alliance scale!

But there’s some really cool stuff coming along right now!

There’s a Challenge event coming around the second week of September - [SNEAK PEEK] New Challenge Event Approaching! , and an Alliance Wars feature that is in development for some future date (no details, no timeline other than possibly end of year).


This wouldn’t surprise me. This game is very similar to other games like the walking dead: road to survival but with the bejeweled-like addition. Nonetheless I enjoy the game.