New Event (Battle Royale)

So we already have a PVP raid system. We could have a BR style event. You make 3 teams from your heroes. Team 1 could be your strongest or you could mix and match. Your Team 1 will face the opponents Team 1 T2 vs T2 3vs 3. Winner will win the majority of fights. Then you do a loot system for 1/2/3 places 4-10, 11-49, 50-100 etc winning gems/ ascend items/ flasks/ summons etc.

Sounds interesting. Especially if this could be done on an alliance scale!

But there’s some really cool stuff coming along right now!

There’s a Challenge event coming around the second week of September - [SNEAK PEEK] New Challenge Event Approaching! , and an Alliance Wars feature that is in development for some future date (no details, no timeline other than possibly end of year).

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This wouldn’t surprise me. This game is very similar to other games like the walking dead: road to survival but with the bejeweled-like addition. Nonetheless I enjoy the game.

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