New alechemy recepie - elemental summon tokens

Hi all. When Alchemy Lab released, it still gives us an opportunity to create more various experiments.

I have and idea to add a new recpie in Alchemy Lab. Elemental Summon Tokens.

Players will convert their Gold hero Tokens to elemental Tokens.
These tokens would give a 100% chance to Summon hero of element of token. Rarity not changes - 2,5% for 5*, 26,5% for 4* and 71% for 3*.

Short FAQ:

How to receive Elemental Summon Tokens?
The only way is to create it in Alchemy Lab with a special recepie.

Which level of Alchemy Lab do I need?
You will need 5th lvl of Alchemy Lab.

How much it costs?
To create Elemental Summon Tokens, you need Gold hero token, one 3* artifact connected to element hero ascention, five Items from Hunter’ Lodge, and 500 alkashards. For example:

  • Holy Token requires Golden Hero Token, 5 Elixirs od Invisibility, one Magic Orb and 500 alkashards

How long is this crafted?
Crafting last 2 days on Alchemy Lab.

Where I can use Elemental Hero Tokens?
You can use it only to Elemental Summons. Elemental Tokens will not work in standard 3*/4*/5* Summon to avoid some ambitious players creating Nature Tokens to Summon Mother North during Santa’s Challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Advantages of this idea:

  • Much more usefull Elemental Summons
  • The new way to use alkashards
  • The most convincing way to buy Golden Hero Tokens
  • The way to use artifacts from Hunters Lodge

Vote if You like

I really can’t see anyone using this if the summon pool is still just s1. Throwing a 3* star unfarmable mat away to (most likely) get a vanilla 3 star hero of a specific element sounds like an atrocious trade to me. The only reason I’d use this is if the alkashard trade was immensely favourable, but you have this consuming alkashards. Sorry but hard pass.

More in line w/ existing building would be throw epic hero token and some iron/food and get a random element summon out, no asc mats or shards req’d, then maybe I’d use that to generate shards but even then probably not.

Definitely in favour of making epic hero tokens more useful, but i don’t think this is the way to do it.

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