Neith or drake

What order do you think I should max my current Holy heroes

  • drake
  • bao
  • justice

I have maxed , gazelle , joon, ornatel, malosi, rabbit , guin, sif, ranzir, viv

I don’t know who I should go first drake or neith

I have both maxed, and find Drake better. A major reason is he’s the best monk for emblems, whereas there are tons of rangers competing for those emblems. Drake also being fast weighs into the decision.


Thanks those are very good points re emblems

Drake is the better hero, but Neith I think is underrated on here. She’s better than this forum thinks she is.


The best monk is debatable…Jabberwock is a heck of a hero and I’d say costumed Joon is better as well. But Drake is definitely in the conversation.


I would probably do them in this order


Out of these four, Justice should be fifth. I don’t even use her in rush formats

My reasoning for the other 3: fast mana, and with the rest of your depth, you don’t need a defender - Neith is possibly the best flank defender there, but you have so many other options

You might be surprised that out of Drake and Joon, I find Joon superior, Drake struggles to kill on offense, whereas Joon puts heroes down all the time


Drake should absolutely be first out of those choices…very solid ‘A’ hero.


Because Drake is not a sniper. Joon is a sniper and he fails to kill and there are better snipers out there. Drake hits hard and also blinds 3 targets which also protects your team. They are different hero’s. More importantly, they both can fit on any team. However, the choice still depends on the rest of the team. If you have better snipers than Joon which there are many, then you don’t need Joon. For me, Drake is better because it serves my team better.

All though Drake currently is on my bench as Jabber have all the emblems :smiley:

100% agree

It’s a combination of things

  • I play mono a lot, and Joon is my best yellow sniper, only other single target sniper is Leo, who struggles with speed and power

  • Joon and is more heavily emblemed than Drake for me

  • play style, I like a quick full kill

Don’t worry, the yellow mono often features both, but I have a soft spot for Joon out of the two. Drake is of course still excellent

I fully understand as i have a similar love with Lianna :smiley: I can replace her from my defence team easily but she is special for me so she will always be there
Unfortunately Joon is one hero’s that promised game to evade me. Other one is Rigard :frowning:

Oh geez, not having Rigard is awful. I have 3 of him all maxed and at + 18, and he is better than most five star healers

My Lianna at +18 is an absolute stalwart


I don’t have Drake Fong so I don’t have to worry about monk emblems but if I had both Jabberwock and Drake it would be a hard decision where to put those emblems. imo Drake Fong is the best holy hero in the game.

The answer lies in the rest of your team. For me, Jabber is the ultimate wing killer. So I prioritised him over Drake. Jabber is on 17, Drake is on 3 atm. Very close on getting Jabber to 18 afterwards will fully focus on Drake :smiley: Hopefully in 3-4 months, I can get him in my defence team.


Drake… I have both. But drake is one of the best heroes in the game.

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Neith is underrated and if used and blem’d properly can be dangerous on defense, however, Drake is all around more versatile and my vote goes for him.

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I’ll second this sentiment. I think in defense Neith is quite formidable. You can’t affect her mana gen, and you can’t stop her mana drain. She seems to fire quite often when you have a hero or two just about to fire themselves. This can often be a tipping point in a match. Even if you have tiles lined up to get that mana back, and you are still alive - when you fire the blind is more likely than not to make your specials less effective.

Drake is good but there are a lot of counters to his blind.

On offense I’d imagine Drake would be more useful, but I have neither so cannot definitively say

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