Need help with my offense, titan, defense team please

Hi, I need help with my defense, offense and titan team, please. I have been playing for about two months but still not sure if I am doing everything correctly. Here are the heroes that I have. My current defense team is Sartana, Chao, Kiril, Kashhrek and Gormek because they are the strongest that I have currently.

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I’d recommend getting Grimm and Boldtusk, they are a part of my core Titan killing team, with Wu Kong + 2 whatevers.

I always try to take 2-3 colours that are effective against the Titan.

Sometimes I switch Kiril for boldtusk depending on the titan.


First, I suggest you stop trying to level everyone at once. pick a set of 4*'s and work on them until you have some maxed heroes (or as far as you can get with ascention items). Exception: work Sartana up to 3/70 since she’s mostly there already.

I’d say your best bet for a defense team right now is Sartana, Kiril, Kashrek, Gormek (Colen would be better, but a bit too low), Chao

I’d be working up Wu, Grimm, and Tibs for titans and offensive raiding.


Why do you say to not level everyone at once but pick a set of 4*? How many are in a set? Thank u peace!

  1. You have a nice set of heroes and because of that you will not need to rush getting TC13 or TC20. Get all your training camps to 11 and make sure you only do tc1, tc2 and tc11 trainings to get the most out of your food and recruits.

  2. Focus your efforts on Sartana to 3/70 then Tiburtus for purple. Kiril then Grimm for blue. Boldtusk then Gormek for red. Caedmon then Kashrek for green. Wu Kong then Chao for yellow. Yes, Wu is the priority even if Chao is almost there.

  3. Sartana, Kiril, Kashrek Gormek and Caedmon will be your defense team. Don’t put too much emphasis on defense yet, what you need is to attack and get those ascension materials for your heroes.

Once you are done with the heroes mentioned, come back for more questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for the input I really appreciate it. My attacking team has been Sartana, caedmon, gormek (centre), chao and kiril for some time now. They have been good to me, although I get my fair share of defeat in Raids.

I just obtained enough ascension materials to ascend Kiril and Gormek to the next tier. Is that a good idea? I can wait and keep leveling up Colen for now though. Should I leave the other 5* for now?

I am quite confuse on what to do next.

For Mannabas, I have changed my defense per your suggestion and I will see what happens. I only raid to fill the chest, trophies don’t matter to me (is that a good way to think?) At times, I run out of training materials to do tc1 and tc2 so I do tc4 its longer though. I never knew Tiburtus was important.

I will work on everyone’s suggestion and I do hope to level up in this game. BTW, I have already completed Season 1, is there any particular province and stage that anyone goes to for materials?


In the absence of Boldtusk, Kiril is very good to level. Attack buff, defense buff, and whole party healing, all in one tough tanky package.
Gormek is also a good pick - while he’s by a smallish margin the least effective of the ramming pulverizer triplets for attacking, that power is very very good for boosting titan damage, regardless of which of the three you are using. Just don’t forget to level Tiburtus and Grimm when you get the opportunity just because you already have Gormek with the same power. If they made new green and yellow 4* heroes with ramming pulverizer as a power, I’d make getting and levelling them an immediate priority despite already having the others.

Edit: I find I get good results for farmable stuff from 12/9 and 13/6.

My boldstusk is still at level 1, was concentrating on Colen to level up thats why I have been saving my ascension materials for him.