Need a bit of help with my Titan team

I dont do much more than 10k damage per go at the moment.
would love some advice on who the best heroes to level up would be out of what i have.
The top team is my defence team and it does ok and i was thinking of leveling Tiburtus and Brienne to replace Cyprian and Buddy for a better titan team.


You should level Brienne but she won’t replace buddy on your blue titan team, bring both. If you want to increase your titan scores you want to stack strong colors and not bring the weak color. I think that’s my only advice for you besides “level your heroes.” Just keep in mind that if it’s a blue titan, bring green heroes and leave red heroes at home. Same thing if it’s a red titan.

Oh and li xiu is better than hu Tao all around, she’s a better defender and better attacker. Bring both to a purple titan, but I recommend not spending orbs and other unfarmables on hu Tao. Li xiu instead.

Thanks, i suppose ideally you want 2 strong heroes per colour then so that you can double up? I think im gonna continue with leveling Brienne and may now stop levelling Hu Tao and switch to Li Xiu…

Depends how you like to play if you want to bring 2 of the strong color to a titan fight or 5. I usually bring 4 of the strong color and Wu Kong. It makes your tiles do way more damage when you stack a color, and all the specials will charge around the same time.

for Titans get your Boral up asap
he is cheap to level and cheap to ascend and he is great in 2nd spot so all 3 get damage back to the titan
dont forget to keep forging bombs if you can,
and other deadly fire power spears ect ect
boral is my fav hero for titans

i run two borals in 2 and 4th spot :smiley:
then heelers and buffers

cyperon also needs to be moved to the second spot so more allies get counterd

Thanks all… Boril is on his way up. Cyprian takes the middle spot for me, i think i was showing heroes by element and not power in the above pic.
I have also just pulled Merlin so i think i may focus on levelling him, Boril and Li Xiu