Nature and Dark Hero Choices

I have the mats to finish a nature and a dark hero. I also have a deep enough bench where no one is really needed for a specific role; I’m just picking what I feel is the best overall hero for each color.

Assuming the balancing for Telluria and Atomos are complete (which may be a big assumption but likely necessary for this discussion), who would you ascend?

EDIT: I do have Evelyn maxed if that affects your opinion. She best synergizes with Elkanen, though she’d help them all, obviously.

Nature Heroes:
-Costumed Elkanen

Dark Heroes:

I’m leaning towards Zeline and Clarissa, but I’ve been using Freya at 3/70 and really like her as well.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’d lean towatrds Clarissa too. With Green you really need to wait. Telluria and Atomos could be totally different and the last thing you want is tonics remorse. Plus that will give you time to max your new purple.

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Yes, I’ll wait until v30 for nature. I was just curious who people thought would be best IF the current versions of those heroes on beta remain as they are.

Thanks for the input!

Every one of those heroes is worthy. I have a feeling they will back off of the heavy handed nerfing of Telly making her the best choice. I really like Freya, but minion makers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Only questionable hero you have there is Atomos, but SGG could very well make it very formidable.

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Telluria could wind up being anything at this point… She might still be one of the best tanks, she might not; she might still be a useful offensive healer and minion summoner or she might not.

Zeline is gold dust anyway - if you like what Telluria offers anyway then wait until the update comes out… But I don’t think anyone would ever regret having Zeline as an option!



Unless you have Sartana’s costume, I’d probably pass unless you’re short on snipers.

Freya plays superbly with other minion summoners (especially high attack minions like Puss, who she has particularly good synergies with) but unless you’re into your minion teams she’s not much above average as a standalone. I have mine at +12 and love her, but I also have Puss, Delilah, Telluria maxed (and QoH will get there too at some point).

Clarissa will always get use at vfast - the consensus seems to be that she’s not quite as impactful as Gravemaker, but she’s sturdier and for some playstyles that has its merits.

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If SGG will give Atomos a mana speed average, in my opinion, it will be interesting :slight_smile: , I have Atomos is good, but offten it can die before full mana :frowning:

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Bump once now that the changes are live. Any other opinions? Thanks!