🍻 Myztero – 5* Purple/Dark -- "Secret" Tavern of Legends Hero

Unfortunately he doesnt memorise wheb reflect is on


Wishful thinking… thank you

What about if Milady hits him with the buff reflect. Can he then cast buff reflect to the enemy making all their buffs yours, similar to Felton? After Miladys has expired OFc. Still think he needs some big buffs. He’s a hidden hero, rarest of the rare. Make it so.

If this guy isn’t featured anymore hence becoming the rarest of the rare, he needs a stat boost & a special damage increase. The other mystery hero too ! Come on SG, give him the tools he should’ve always had from the start !


It’s like winning the lotto to find out the raffle was for charity. I have 49 tabards but only 1 tome of tactics so this may be a 3/70 project hoping for more buffs later. Definitely needs a huge stat boost. More damage wouldn’t be amiss.

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More damage isn’t his thing. He needs to permanently memorize all ailments. At very fast speed his advantage should be that if you can find ways to ghost tiles he should have the ability to continuously apply the status effects over and over again. That would make him an awesome hero. As he is, apologies to the Myztero apologists, he sucks.


Plenty of videos above that clearly illustrate how inefficient the hero is sitting charged while waiting for ailments, however…
There is a recipe for making the secret hero useable. It goes like this:

  1. You must max all his development material (ascension, emblem, and LB) for as much durability as possible. Which still isn’t enough, leading to…

  2. You must build an entire team around him. Forget any damage dealers and focus on support heroes for all 4 other slots. Also forget heroes like Shrub that work well in any situation now that LB2 has made some skills OP, this is not the case with Myztero. The support needs to be more passive creating a type of raid strategy know as Battle of trying to stay awake.

  3. He is niche… Because of the above point, he is only useful against heavy ailment situations. Since your team is designed with Myztero as the primary damage, now you have to wait until you find a team that is easily defeated by hundreds of other heroes. Invest heavily in passive heroes you would likely never use. To defeat an enemy that would otherwise be no problem.

Follow the above recipe and you will still lose from time to time.
Good luck.

Follow any recipe and you’ll lose from time to time :woman_shrugging:t3: Nobody’s really guaranteeing you a win, ever.
Just because he’s not a premium hero people want him to be because of his rarity, doesn’t mean he’s useless. Far from it. Utilizing ANY hero to use his max potential should be common sense, why would that be different with Myz?

Personally, I use an overhealer with him and he serves me just fine, sitting on 10 emblems, not LBed. Bring him to counter any ailment heavy thing and it’s easier to turn the match around. Or it is in my case, with my style of play and with the roster I have.


Does anyone know if this guy works against the goblins or is their thing not considered an alignment?

Not an ailment. It won’t work.

:pensive: and there could be a buff for him along with a toon level stat increase :joy: dream on baby :wink:

Pulled in a Legends 10-draw and didn’t even know what Myztero was.

Interesting to get a “secret” hero, but this thread isn’t making me too enthusiastic for leveling.

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I pulled him last time around and came here to make myself feel legendary :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: oh dear how wrong I was. Based on this thread he is the worse thing since Zy bought SG and that is :poop: as we all know. To be honest I haven’t levelled him but OMG how cool does he look?!?! Worth keeping just for his card :muscle:


For a secret hero with such low odds of pulling I would’ve thought they’d keep buffing him in line with the current meta. Otherwise put him out of his misery. Pulling a secret hero shud be a cause for celebration not complete & utter disappointment!!! That’s what I felt when I pulled him a year ago !! Reflect hero’s like Goldie r so much better. Yes he uses the ailment against them but usually he’s dead by the time it’s ready to fire being sooo squishy.


So true @milkyjoe001 - the stress is over for me as he is gone :joy: