My last 4 trains from Tc 20 wowww

Hi folks.
I dont know what a doing but here my 3 of my last 4 training camp 20 result.
Elena Sartana Boldtusk & Horghall :smile: :smile:

Good luck on Event & happy Santa


Congrats bro :slight_smile:
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Did they came half ascended already?


No sir
Got Elena first then Sartana … i was leveling them when i made screen shot .

Awesome! Congrats! :tada:

Congrats. Happy hunting. :).

so that were all my luck has been hanging out. ive got 2x lvl20s going and have only gotten 2 5stars in 6 months.

Great !!! I wait for Sartana my love :heartbeat:

Iv bin hearing lots of ppl gettting 5* lucky tc 20 pulls i think i might start mine back up

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