Most surprising heroes

Also like megamaid from spaceballs

I came to isarnia late, but I now use her for red titans and for vf tournies. She has a use even at end game

I swear Kvasir is the most surprising hero for me, and single handedly responsible for making 3* tournaments and heroes exciting

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For me the most surprising 5* hero is Bera. Yeah, Skadi is fantastic, but I remember reading her skills and knowing she was going to be a beast. Bera though, especipally being a hero that does absolutely no direct damage is the definition of surprising. Here’s just a list of her benefits:

-no direct damage avoids riposte skills
-shuts down opponents summoners
-beefy minion meat shield
-high minion attack
-synergy with other summoners and DoT heroes

I mean c’mon, zero direct damage and she’s currently in 6 of the top 10 raid defense teams.

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What falsehoods have I told, exactly?

I agree that she is good, and I would love to get her. But I think there are getting to be more and more counters to her that she won’t be prevalent in defences for too much longer. In offense though I think she would be very useful

I’m known to be a fan of 3 stars and feel that costume Renfeld is pretty damned good and deserves a mention.


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