Most common Top Questions/Discussions that take place in the Peer Support chat room


Here is a top ten list of all questions/discussions that come up frequently in the Peer Support chat room:

  1. How do you level troops?
  2. Can I join your alliance?
  3. How do you get stronger heroes?
  4. Merc needed to take down titan 100 K HP with less than 10 minutes left…
  5. Ascension materials/rare quests/elemental chests are too rare or titan loot is not dropping any good ascension materials…
  6. How much money did you spend on this game?
  7. Rate my heroes/defense team or “Is Hero X better than Hero Y?”
  8. Where is the best place to farm for backpacks, monsters, yellow monsters, recruits, scabbards, shields, orbs, tabbards, etc.
  9. Please use the alliance recruitment chat room to post your alliance recruitment ads.
  10. What is Line?
    Bonus 11) Global Chat/General Chat Room sucks

If any of you can think of other points that could go on this list or disagree with any of the items posted, please leave it in the comments.


List makes me feel like I am sitting in peer support right now. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

  1. “Please join X alliance”…followed by…“Don’t post Alliance Recruitment posts in the Peer Support Room.”

(But that’s me just being exacting…) :grin: