More basic 3-5* heroes

Hi all. Challenge Events, Seasonal Events and Atlantis gives us a very narrow odds to have some unique 3-5* heroes.
A lot of players dont even get aby unique heroes of those summons. The only way is to her 3-5* from training camp lvl 20. SG adds only new Heroes that are very small chances to have because of odds. Only jest palyers or p2w players get better heroes. Game becomes monotonnous.
Please, SG add more basic heroes. There are a lot of irritatded players, more players don’t want to spend money, more players stop playing.
Please, give us more variety in the Basic game

I request a 4* yellow/holy healer that can be trained from camp. I wonder if Rigard is originally planned to be holy, that would make each colors have classic 4* healer. His title is Noble Cavalier which is more appropriate for holy hero instead of dark.

A 4* yellow/holy with defense debuff too. Fire have Gormek/Wilbur, Nature have Buddy, Ice have Grimm, Dark have Tiburtus.

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That’s funny as I did a single event summons using my gems I got for free through the game and got the HOTM along with li-Xiu .

All luck m8. Your turn will come.

Having said that I been getting the HOTM for the 4 straight months including doubles do they do drop.

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