Monthly/yearly Vip Pass?!

I always buy the VIP pass but something is bothering me there a little… I have to update the pass monthly which is kinda annoying… I don’t want to buy the year pass because I can’t say if I will play this game still in 1 year… I would appreciate a 3 or 4 month pass. What do you guys think about that?



I feel now that a second builder has no use after you reach the level 20 for the main buildings. And looking at my progress doesn’t seem I will need a year to be there.

At the other hand, 900 gems for 6 bucks sounds as a good deal, even if you don’t take the loot ticket and the extra summon token in consideration.

You can do as I did, buy multiple VIP monthly passes. They accumulate. I bought 3 months’ worth of VIP passes, and I’ll probably buy 2 more as soon as I can, since I believe it takes a little over 4 months to reach TC 20 with 2 builders.

Here’s an image to show it to you. When you buy another pass, the time automatically extends for 30 more days.


Thanks for the tip! Regards…


Yes, your 2nd paragraph explains why the VIP is still a good deal even if you are done with buildings. The patient cheap-to-play players will be able to do a X10 summon every 3 months.


Is it worth adding up the days and with vip pass requests from friends you invited to the game?

Vrijedi li to zbrajanje dana i sa vip pass zahtjevima od prijatelja koje si pozvao na igru?

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