Monthly post on expanding challenge loot

Well, I’ve worked my way inside the top 1500 in intermediate again, which I do every month, but don’t really have the desire to try to get any higher. I post this every month in hopes that one of the devs will at least CONSIDER it, so here goes. The loot structure in challenge events is completely outdated. It has been exactly the same since the very first Pirates event over a year ago, but so much about the game has changed. There are now hundreds of thousands of players in the intermediate level, would it be so horrible to hand out another 2500 or 5000 Ascension mats or epic tokens? That’s still a crazy low percentage of total players. It just seems insane to me that after all this time it still takes a top 10(!!!) finish to get anything really worthwhile to a level 50+ player. Please, guys, let’s expand the rewards and the number of folks who can get them. And then let those of us in that pool knife-fight it out to get them.


I agree to this, but I have no faith in ever seeing a change to this. As long as enough players use silly amounts of money to struggle for the #1 position, nothing will change. Events are generally uninteresting now, and I rush through to grab the completion rewards and to pull another graymane with the hero token.

Agreed, the top 100 or more caters to the elites who spend the most $$$$

I agree with expanding the loot for events. That said, I don’t think it’s money that’s required to score high… it’s just a huge time investment. Most people don’t want to grind out an event for 10 hours straight of restarting stages over and over. World energy refills aren’t that hard to get and neither are the crafted items if you make it a priority.

To be honest i could see a case for top 50 but no more than that. Ascension materials are much easier to get than they were a year ago and events like the Halloween and winter event in total give out better items than the events. The events are meant as challenges and competitions. Top 1500 or 2500 isnt a competition. I would agree top 50 to improve somewhat but anything more dilutes the events and doesnt make it worth competing. You get ascension mats just to complete it.

To add it doesnt take money to finish top 100 in a month you should be able to stockpile enough battle items and WE flasks to make a run at top 100. More than anything it takes patience and an understanding of when to use those items and when to bail. There are lots of YouTube videos on event strategies to get into the top 100.

This is correct. It is a time investment. I have more than enough items, that’s not the issue. there is just no way I can spend virtually an entire weekend doing this. Getting top 500 out of 500,000 is not an easy feat as it is. Just make it worth while.

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