Monster Lure concept 🦇 - Not a fan

Hey I liked the offer helped me out a lot all the food bundles and emblems plus the resources

That’s my worry too. That next time in the next season-bonus-event we won’t be seeing any rare spawns at all unless we pay for it.

If only all bonus events related to Seasons were like Atlantis Rises :pray:


I repeat, it’s too expensive for what it offers.
If there was unlimited number of bats,vthen it would be worthwhile.

Would love lure for Atlantis rising, though

Umm so I have never seen this offer in the game?
Is it from beta?

You still can see it

You’ll need to look through all of the offers cluttering up your screen. It should be in there. Somewhere…


Oh lol it was on the day1 offer. I close them so fast these days that I didn’t even notice…

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This company has become shameless in how obviously they try to suck the money out of players.

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Here’s my updated chart from all days:

with lure 5/26 5/27 5/28 5/29 Totals
monster 25 25 25 25 100
coins 77 140 142 98 457
emblems 15 23 15 27 80
iron, k 250 550 350 150 1300
ham, k 150 400 0 250 800
mats 75 45 65 50 235
WE 78 86 49 56 269
maps 12 14 7 8 41
~monsters/map 2.1 1.8 3.6 3.1

Don’t plan on buying again. If they made a daily lure available for some gems, I’d consider it. The bats are a fun diversion for while I’m using the lower WE costs to finish the season. I don’t normally buy loot tickets, and they certainly aren’t necessary to find the bats. If they weren’t included with the lure, the lure would be considerably cheaper. If SG chooses not to make the lure available without the loot tickets in the future, then I’ll choose not to use it.


Well…it is disappointing. I still dont see why these seasons can not be like Atlantis. Everyone loves Atlantis. Please dont tell me game balance.
I am heavily P2P. The game is ridiculously forced into the favor of players like me. There is no real balance. Can SG just do nice things for their customers once in awhile? I guess the answer is “No”.


Please consider copying your results to the master list here…

This deal is pretty good actually. Consider the best discount rate for gems in the gem shop. You have to buy 10,000 gems for $100 which equal 1 cent per gem. If you paid $10 US for the monster lure and you scored 457 coins like you did, equalling 4.57 pulls in the Underwild portal, those pulls equal 1,371 gems. In this case you’re beating the 1 cent rate by a fair amount. Your paying in effect .72 cents per gem but you’re also getting all the emblems and mats plus the loot tickets and 1 WE flask. Its a very good deal.

I personally need those loot tickets to farm. I never would have had time, even if I played all the stages on auto, to farm all the bats. I just don’t have that kind of time in my day to manage and monitor the game.

The best deal for gems available is usually around .5 cents per gem but any rate that beats 1 cent/gem is beating the best possible gem shop rate.

I only scored 419 coins from Bat spawns but that still comfortably won me 4 pulls. When you consider emblems, the .71 to .72/gem rate seen so far is much better than your typical gem + emblem rate of 2 cents per gem.

In sum, with the Bat Lure you get a very good gem rate plus a lot of extras and plenty of loot tickets to save time on farming. As far as the game goes your $10 bucks was well spent.


I wrote this above, but I buy loot tickets whenever they’re offered. So for me, the lure was almost free and I’m much happier with this offer than one without the lure. If they removed the lure and dropped the price of the tickets/flasks, to be clear, I wouldn’t buy the lure. I only like it because I’d buy the offer anyway.

I didn’t keep track of everything I received, but @Control_Freq and I had very similar loot. Just over 400 coins, a bunch of various size food/iron bundles, crafting materials and some emblems.

It is 100% not worth buying if you don’t need the tickets in my opinion. They do coin offers as you all know, that are cheaper per pull than what you farm with the lure. Same with the food/iron bundles. I’d rather just buy the bundles outright, it’s cheaper actually.

And then, the farming energy-reduction won’t unlock until paid for…? sigh


You are ignoring the fact that many of the bats you got would have been given to you without the lure. You should only count a fraction of those rewards as being based on the lure.

I found a grand total of 8 bat’s from S4 tremor in the 4 days it was on. I don’t remember how many flask but it’s 10 or less though I dedicate all my energy farming. 8 bats from 4 days of farming.

On the contrary, in 2 days of AR farming I manage to get about 120 coins

I purchased the Lure the first time it was offered, because I was curious to see how effective it was. Well, it definitely works with minimal effort, bats were maxed.

But, not tempted to buy it again… If I wasn’t trying to finish the S4 missions, I wouldn’t wade into S4 at all - Waiting for AR :wink:.

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I must say, lure is highly effective but the offer is too expensive. I don’t want 120 tickets or we flask. I want lure for as much as $3 us because 5 coin pulls cost $5

Lure is way too expensive for a few extra coins if you farm. You still have to do the farming so this is a terrible deal. Maybe that’s the point, get people to just buy the coins directly. Pretty cruddy though that regular farming during underwild period doesn’t drop extra coins. Even when you get a bat you get lame resources.

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For me, it’s not the pricing so much that bothers me - it’s the whole concept.

I just wish the developers would throw us a bone here. Make it like Atlantis Rises.

They are just tightening the screw a little with every season - Valhalla doesn’t give the same bonus as AR, but at least the Gnomes are appearing equally for everyone. Then came this season. And the bonus from it is even lower than Valhalla - a shadow of AR. :confused:

Alchemy Lab QoL changes… Making grinding the same content over and over yield us better loot… So many easy things to implemented that would make the whole player base happy. :pray:


I wouldn’t mind if the price of lure was double but with no limit on bats