Monster Lure concept 🦇 - Not a fan

Monster Lure in Season 4 :bat:

In Season 4 we can now purchase an item called Monster Lure, which gives us the following benefits:

Extra 10 rare enemies which can be found / day
Rare enemies always drop Underwild coins above their normal extra loot.
Chance to find rare enemies is increased with 1000%

Before the event went live, I thought to myself - Alright, how bad can it be? Will it cost 75 gems? 200? I was pondering to spend them, because who wouldn´t want an extra chance of a summon, despite the low odds?

Launching the game today, I am met with the following ‘offer’ (other than a thousand other offers, taking up so much space on my screen, that I can barely wave to one of my Villagers!)


I find it despicable. Nothing short of. Coupled with the past events of nerfs and what not - I sometimes think to myself, what does it take for me to walk away from this ‘increase in power creep and so obvious even the most naive person (me) can no longer deny it’ - game.

Am I alone? Where the offer in itself might not be ‘bad’ - What is the harm in letting us purchase this Monster Lure with gems we earned through gameplay?
Or materials we farm?
Perhaps we could even craft a Monster Lure in the Alchemy Lab.

There are so many options I can think of.


I’m not impressed. It’s $15 Aussie, I was expecting about $8 and hoping for $5.

But $15? Same as POV. No thanks.

Including loot tickets to push the price up is annoying, why not sell it by itself for people who don’t want the tickets?

I was expecting to buy it, now I’m not. I wonder how many sales SG have priced themselves out of?


I fell your reasoning, but I’d rather think of this lure as something like Goblin Balloooooooooooon.

Just a bonus stuff.

I usually don’t find all of the ugly goblins when Valhalla Forever is on, due to their rare occurence.

With Lure, my alliance mate found all of the 25 daily bats with 6 loot tickets and got 122 coins.

Just a bonus, to fasten things up. When you don’t buy it, you’ll just get a little bit less of stuff.

Its getting worse unfortunately for offers. The bats lure now is a sign of where things are going. I can see this becoming a staple of these events. Its a shame. But it means f2p players will really struggle to get any coins. Speaking from last valhalla i must of found 15 goblins out of what 45…and that was 15 world flasks. Imagine using this monster lure and you dont get all of them.

Time will tell but the gap between big spenders and the average c2p or f2p is going to get bigger


I would like to gather some data on this. I assume the lure… with ‘enough’ farming… almost ‘guarantees’ finding all of the bats (25 per day). If anyone is tracking their success rate with or without the lure I’d very much like to hear it.

At time of writing: I’m 0 for 6 attempts at finding a bat… No lure.

I assume it’s going to be like Valhalla. I only got 6 there, across the whole event, last time round.

Off Topic: NANA-NANA-NANA-NANA BAT LURE… :bat: :bat: :bat:


I worked out the math here.

It’s an okay offer if you need the loot tix too. Otherwise… nah


I am tracking. I haven’t started yet.

Remind me to post my findings. Lol


I made the comment below in the beta thread to evaluate how many gems I’d spend for the lure.

My initial reaction was that 300 gems was a bargain for the lure as it would fully recoup the cost in gems from one set of full energy. Given the length of the event it would probably be worth it for over 1000 gems.

So 75 or 200 gems for this would be way to cheap of a cost. Then they throw in tickets and a flask to mask the true cost. If the lure came out costing 1000 gems would you still feel it’s too high?

Or is it more about paying via cash v gems? One certainly locks it behind a paywall. But tower flasks can be bought with gems and most folks still consider it a paywall. So SG wouldn’t win either way. But if it could be purchased with gems, I would probably do so, or at least do the math.

I’d much rather have the option to pay via gems. But I’m fine with this. It’s not much different than any other offer that is available.


What’s so “despicable” about this, come on now.

Yes, it would have been nice if the price were lower. Because then I might have bought one. As of now I don’t feel like it’d be worth it for me. So I’m not going to buy it. And that’s fine. Lure or no Lure, I still benefit from the lower WE and whatnot. It’s not like the entire event itself is locked behind a paywall.

How is this offer different from any other offer in the game?

All I can say is it’s better to buy this than the other loot ticket offer for the same price (the Raining Loot tickets whatever?).

Other than that, it’s BS. Should at least come with some gems. Well another offer to forget, I am not a deisgner and I do not earn money from this game so I do not care.


I personally also find it amusing - in a negative way - as it just shows the increasing monetization of this game.

I’m not angry, just a bit annoyed and more than a little amused.

Definitely not paying that much just to get more monsters, so I can collect more coins, so I can summon and probably get Dawa #49684 :slight_smile: will save my loot tickets, world energy and time for something else.


If most players don’t buy the offer this time they will reduce the price next time. It’s too costly and they also reduced POV duration so I will buy POV monthly instead of monster lure. Monetising everything even farming :joy: There was a huge difference in loot with and without lure when I tested.


That was my logic – I somehow didn’t have many tickets saved up (only 60 or so) for Atlantis. A couple of tickets spent on Underwild, and I have almost enough for two pulls, bats used up for the day. I figure I’ll get ~5 pulls, ~30 tornadoes, and assorted other stuff. And still have like 90 extra tickets for Atlantis.

This is actually a brilliant business idea to be honest… Chances are low in this game, so why not sell an item to make them better for selected few?

This idea can grow even further. Why not offering a chance to improve your luck with war boards? 6 boards with a favourable tile distribution at about 24,99?

I’m starting to like it the more I think about it! Instead of clogging the virtual space with infinite number of new heros (who can remember all of them these days?) as the main source of revenue, why not changing it completely by opening the chance/buffs market?

Rent a buff by which your c. Kadilen gets 75% chance to dodge.
Rent a buff which gives your rogue heros 50% chance to evade.

You don’t even have to think about if a hero is OP or not… It’s the market, not developers who made them the certain way. :tipping_hand_man:


I want some credits, @sggstaff


I found a bat (no lure)

Result 10x nuggets (I need nuggets TBF)


… needs vs wants…

it’s not despicable… you don’t need it…

you could… just… play your game and find bats?

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I found every bat with 2WE flasks. I got over 100 coins, a couple large, medium and small food/iron, nuggets, emblems, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t buy the offer for the lure, I bought it for the loot tickets and I’m saving them for AR.


I should have clarified more, sorry :blush:

I simply find it so distasteful - the way this game is developing. The Monster Lure is another sign of that.

Atlantis Rises was cut short already.
Season 3 saw another decrease in chance for coins.
Now Season 4 follows the same pattern - only more insulting - because ‘just pay up a little and your repetitive farming of content you already did will pay off more…’


May as well throw in an offer for increased chance for featured event hero or non-featured event hero.

This hero lure will reduce odds from S1 heroes and tack them on to event 5* only.

Non featured 0.3% to 5.3%
Featured 1.2% to 6.2%

If this hero lure works out, offer a 4* hero lure too.



I’m agree with you and simply saying I DO not buy. More people don’t purchase it, more likely the price will be lower in the future reaching a reasonable level. If not I will use only my normal energy. Take care!