Mitsuko stats at 3/70

Hey guys & gals , just pulled mitsuko ! But since zimkitha already got the 6 rings among the 8 I had she will have to wait a while to get here. Can anyone tell me if she is any good at 3/70? Or should I just bench her for the time being & concentrate on getting khagan to 3/70? Thanks in advance for the inputs :slight_smile:

I started to lvl her up and she is now about 3/30. Personally I like her. You need to learn how to play with her abilities.
I use her in the alliance wars and she saved me 2 times already.
Once when she faced Perseus and blocked his specials. War buff was Healing buff and Perseus couterstriked himself and block his healing totally.
Second time she faced 4/80 Athena and make her unusable at all.

Personally I think Khagan is not worh to lvl up even to 3/70…


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That’s great … got two khagan :frowning: will start on mitsuko stat ! :smile:

I’ve got inari also at 4th tier. Absolutely love her. Based on your experience Mitsuko should be fantastic in her team! Unfortunately she will have to happy at 3/70 ! :smile:

Not sure about her stats at 3/70 but I think it’s safe to say a 3/70 mitsuko is better than a 3/70 khagan

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