Mistakes at german version


I just wanted to report some small mistakes I’ve found at the german version:

  1. XP quest: At the end of the XP quest Richard says something. He uses the word “Momen” instead of “Moment”

  2. Ares: There is a word missing in the description of his abilities. It says: “Nahe Verbündete erhalten +x%, +y% kritische Treffer …”. As I saw at the English version it seems that the word “Angriff” should be behind +x%.

(I’m quite sure that I saw another hero where a word is missing behind a number, but I cannot find it at the moment. Sorry for that.)

  1. Musashi: The description of his regeneration ability doesn’t make any sense. It says: “Erhalte x% des normalen Schadens für 5 Züge”. This implies, that his defense is increased and of course, that’s not the case. It should be something like “Regeneriere x% des verursachten normalen Schadens für 5 Züge”.


@Petri See above. :slight_smile: ^^


Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into these translation errors! :slightly_smiling_face: