Mistakes at german version

I just wanted to report some small mistakes I’ve found at the german version:

  1. XP quest: At the end of the XP quest Richard says something. He uses the word “Momen” instead of “Moment”

  2. Ares: There is a word missing in the description of his abilities. It says: “Nahe Verbündete erhalten +x%, +y% kritische Treffer …”. As I saw at the English version it seems that the word “Angriff” should be behind +x%.

(I’m quite sure that I saw another hero where a word is missing behind a number, but I cannot find it at the moment. Sorry for that.)

  1. Musashi: The description of his regeneration ability doesn’t make any sense. It says: “Erhalte x% des normalen Schadens für 5 Züge”. This implies, that his defense is increased and of course, that’s not the case. It should be something like “Regeneriere x% des verursachten normalen Schadens für 5 Züge”.

@Petri See above. :slight_smile: ^^

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into these translation errors! :slightly_smiling_face:

For the german version:

In the description of the vampires there is the word “bereitst” but it has to be the word “bereits” without the last “t”!

The description of the “Göttlicher Kranich” (godly crane?) has a mistake:

“Alle Helden führen 75 Züge lang Gegenangriffe mit 3 % des erlittenen Schadens aus.”
means that all heroes have riposte for 75 turns with 3 % of the damage they receive. But it should be the other way round (3 turns, 75 % of the damage they receive)

Ranvir: The word “accuracy” is missing in the german description of his abilities.
It has to be: “Alle Verbündeten erhalten +X% Angriff und -Y% Genauigkeit die nur dann gilt, wenn der Gegner mehr Gesundheit als der Angreifer hat.
Der Effekt hält 5 Züge an.”

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that the advanced iron storage is for storing food as well - at least it says so in the German version. :crazy_face:

Instead of “Lagert mehr Nahrung als das reguläre Eisenlager” it should be “Lagert mehr Eisen …”