Misandra or Poseidon.. who got the talent grild?

Good day everyone…
I have, due to some sheer luck… seshat, Kageburado, Misandra and Poseidon
But I am torn between Misandra or Poseidon.

Who got the talent grild and why?

Simplest answer is who do you use more?

Places to be used:
War attack
War defence
Raiding (if both, who gets used more?)
Raid defence
Tournaments (Rush Attack, bloody battle & buff booster)

If they’re tied, I would go with whichever is closer to the tank on your defence team :slight_smile:

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Thanks you very much,
If the usage is equal, who is better?

Places to be used:
War defence
Raid defence

Welcome to the fourm
I’d Go Poseidon out of two :+1:

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You want the emblems to be close to the tank so that they get the most use… Tank & Flanks are typically the ones that get hit the most by tiles & as such are the ones who need to survive the most hits & deal the most damage back.

If both are flanks I would split the emblems evenly between the two :slight_smile:

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Lot of emblems though for a 5* to split not like a 4* as you know.
I’m in favour of spreading about as got Kingston and pois dunno who to put them on atm areil+7 my main healer but got guin so cleric up in the air too got JF n zeline for wizard that both deserve some as levelling them at some point sometimes spilting ain’t as easy right now for some players as it can be

Guin is Wizard class :slight_smile:

So that just complicates your wizard decision more :stuck_out_tongue: between Guin, Zeline & JF… but it simplifies your cleric “problem”


Ah bleep I haven’t looked at her card really bleep! As got few holy to work on out of sight for the time being. Thanks anyways. Haha

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