Mindless attack wonderland

Red hood and snow white costumes add the pasive to them 50 percent chance to mindless attack. Jeberwoky queen of harts white rabit all got the pasive . And do you think with the dated attributes are they worth leveling up with this pasive ?

There are many factors to think about here. Having done some friendly battles with one wonderland hero (C White Rabbit), the passive did not feel like it added much value, and was just a nice after thought.

When you have more costumed wonderland heroes, you will see the benefits increase;

  • more chances to cast the passive (up to 5 with a full rainbow team of: C.White Rabbit [Fast], C.Alice [Fast](when released), C.Hatter [Average] (when released), C.Queen of Hearts [Average], and C. [Fast]
  • faster mana gen from the family bonus (up to 12% with 5 heroes).

Then question then becomes, is it worth it based in your roster to invest this heavily into a rainbow wonderland hero set? Well…. That all depends on you, your roster, and your playstyle


I see just about every costume in the game got a buff . GUARDIAN KONG needed i wont list the costume not needed but happy you got and i dont want said other costume nerffed … ya i have redhood queen of harts non costume they will never get leveled up ever . My white rabbit costume may never get leveled up but is now a bit tempting. My hatter non costume leveled . Not sure about leveling a second but they should get mindless attack pasive i think . … we thought we were clever and lord loki would stay relevant but his attributes are falling way behind . I even thpught about just making 18 marjana costumes and i cpuld stop spending . But they keep adding new heros with insane amounts of attributes

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As i read the midless attack pasive it dosnt have a 50 percent chance to give mindless attack to each hot target so i dont think its a great pasive

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So can it give midless attack out once or a 50 percent chance each turn for 3 turns ? Can it give it to 3 enemies? The wording is bad . Each turn for 3 turns can it give mindless attack away 50 percent of the time ? Or just a 50percent chance when cast that if it lands last 3 tirns ? They realy need to work on what things mean

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The wording is pretty clear.

When the hero with the passive fires their special, there is a 50% chance that a random opponent will receive the Mindless Attack ailment lasting for 3 turns.

Thus is very similar to the passives of the Season 5 base heroes, who have a varying chance for their passive to activate

Your hero with the passive fires their special —> 50% chance to activate passive —> if activated, a random opponent will receive Mindless attack for 3 turns


Ya with dated attributes its a bad passive. If it was 100 percent chance or 50 percent chance to everything hit yhen ot be ok . It mot worth leveling the heros with it

CRabbit is a good hero even without the passive, so I´ll take it as a bonus. I don´t have any of the others, so I can´t say, but I doubt the passive is going to change my opinion on a hero. However any hero that´s decent before is going to be better with it, so why the heck not?

Its a great passive.

50% is a very high chance regardless and mindless is an amazing affect.

The only reason youd see this as bad honestly is because you pay or got very lucky with loads of valuable heros that massively outclass everyone.

The stats arent that bad especially with costumes, and if im being honest im so gutted i didnt pick up C.rabbit when i could have now with these buffs.

Ya i am top heavy on yellow . I need more purple and green . I have 2 costume guardian gazelle and 2 anne at 85 . I just dont have room for costume white rabit . I would have to make a 3erd mono yellow team wich infact i allready have done . It just not as broken as the costome guardian gazelle teams . And i killed nearly 500 titans and i can tell the asention materials are not dropping as often as they use to . 500 kill shots that is . And i am running low on books and Damascus blades to be leveling up more yellow . I think the wonderland heros should all get the passive mindless attack 50 percent chance per hero they hit . Make wonderland great again

C-Jabber is now all that much better against Titans.

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The Astral elfs never miss wukong buffs atack but gives a miss chance . Tjat spunds like the best titan heros . Well the elemental heros too

Imo it’s not worth to train up one of these heroes from scratch just because they got a new passive. The amount of mats needed just to train a hero with sub par stats is not worth it, even with the costume boost. The skill must be really good for me to consider giving them mats

This passive needs a boost… triggered 100% or 50% but shifting mindless attack or maybe 50% chance for each hit target…

Not fully agreeing on this sentence. To me, they are not ‘sub-par’ anymore…

And the mindless attack is actually very nice. It triggers quite frequently and if you get lucky, it shuts down a fully charged hero.

What could change, is the pasive itself:
“When this character casts their Special Skill, they have a 50% chance to give Mindless Attack for 3 turns to the enemy with the highest mana.”