Min/Max Training Camps

Hey Gang,

I’ve got my 5-star defense maxed out.

I’ve got supplementary colors maxed out for each 3-stack:

  • Red: Azlar + Boldtusk + Wilbur
  • Green: Lianna + Hansel + Melendor
  • Blue: Rumplestiltskin + Boril + Grimm
  • Yellow: Joon + Onatel + Wu Kong
  • Purple: Rigard + Sartana + Sartana

Anyway - I feel comfy with these heroes, but I have a ton of 4-stars, and a few 5-stars, who need slow and steady feeding from training camps to add depth to my bench, and variety to my gameplay. They include:

  • Red: Red Hood, Sumitomo, Khagan, Scarlett, Lancelot, Colen
  • Green: Kashhrek, Alberich, Kadilen, Little John Caedmon
  • Blue: Magni, Triton, Sonya, Richard, Frida, Kiril, Isarnia, Captain of D
  • Yellow: Justice, Delilah, Vivica, Leo, Li Xiu, G. Jackall
  • Purple: Kunchen, Quintus, Domitia, Guardian Panther, Boomer, Proteus, Tiburtus, Ameonna, Cheshire, Merlin

So that’s my roster.

My question: How do I optimize training camps + recruits + training mats (swords, backpacks, etc.)?

I want to have a smooth machine running where I can count on like 10 of a given color each day, to pump into a hero.

Honestly I need a guide on who to focus (4 or 5 star?), and how to get the most out of camps.

Anybody have a resource I could refer to?
Anybody have strong opinions on who to focus?


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Red: hood and Scarlett
Green: Alby and Caedmon
Blue: Frida, Kiril and Triton
Yellow: Delilah and Jackal
Purple: Panther and Proteus

Proteus would probably be my highest priority there, fishboy is a massive game changer

For feeders, I usually run 2 x tc11 24/7, until I buildup enough backpacks and recruits to change one to TC2 for 12-24 hours. Not using practice swords much. Also running two TC20 but if you don’t want to run TC20 then more TC11 With TC19 when you get enough rugged clothes. I use one of my TC20 as a bank and use another for TC19 for a few hours


Note the slight edit regarding my views of who to focus on :+1:

Very helpful - thanks mate.

And I definitely feel you on Proteus. Once I maxed Hansel, I realized mana-burn is a game changer on offense-raids. I can control the board as soon as I get 9 green tiles fired with Hansel/Lianna in action.

I’d love to do the same with Proteus/Sartana. Alas, Proteus is average speed, but his special is brutal.

Anyway - I appreciate this advice. I need to be patient and enjoy the grind. It helps to see those suggested heroes as well: Red Hood, Alby, Jackal and Proteus are all very exciting to me for wars and counters.

No problem

Proteus is average speed and a stone cold killer, trust me, even at average rather than fast he is way overpowered. If he was any faster he’d be the most powerful hero in the game - he is already close to that in some environments (like challenge events) even at only four stars

Edit: note that my advice for heroes to level mostly focusses on titans, as where you are in the game you need ascension mats more than anything else and that’s the best place for them

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Leaving aside the heroes you want to work with, your training strategy could run along these lines:

  • have 3 TCs running TC11 at all times, or one at TC20 and two at TC11
  • the fourth camp should swing between TC2 (whenever you have backpacks), TC19 (when you’re food & recruit rich), TC2 or TC11.
  • always use matched-color training, which means you’ll have at least one project per color going
  • when a 5* gets above about 4/50, start using the 1* feeders on the next project in that color
  • consider building out your 3* roster for tournaments and challenge events with your 1* feeders.

TC11 is a very common refrain - but I don’t quite understand why.

Is there a particular training button I should research and keep rolling each day? If so, which one?

Thank you!

The only TC levels I think are worth researching are 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 13, 19, 20. End-game, you’ll only use 1, 2, 11, 19 and 20:

  • TC20 as the F2P source of 4* and 5* heroes
  • TC19 as the highest xp/hour, but horribly costly in food
  • TC11 requires no items and little food, but is very slow
  • TC2 is time- and food-efficient. 2* feeders give a lot more xp/food than 1*, which matters as you’re leveling 5* heroes
  • TC1 sits between TC19 and TC11 on the balance between food and time.
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Thank for the advice,
Not that far along, but using the idea.
2tc 11+ 1 for 1,2,or 3 ( when in need of many feeders fast).
Would using the small vials of mana to make a heroe from avg. to fast, work, maybe?
Just wondering.
Have fun.

Sure, when you can bring items. But in wars and raids, you have to live with the heroes’ native abilities.

Right forgot that part, my bad. :grin:

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