Miki – New August 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Just pulled a Miki bonus in a last-chance 10x pull. How is his gender still in debate? Don’t the HsOTM rotate gender? Seshat is female so…

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t need gender identity to enjoy a HOTM. Miki is going to be a fun niche hero!!

I will probably use mats to ascend a second Frida instead of Miki because I already have Tarlak. Still thinking about it though.

If I choose Frida, I’ll probably use both in a blue stack. However, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to use mats on Miki. I’m just not sure right now.

Miki is slow mana… Everybody harps on slow heroes. I think this is warranted for the defense team, but is it really so bad for offense? Slow mana is 12 tiles - four 3-tile turns. Average mana is 10 tiles. That’s also four 3-tile turns! (Unless you are paired with mana troops). Granted, you might make use of a dragon tile sometimes, but how often does that happen… I haven’t leveled slow heroes yet but I’ll be sure to level Miki for titans to at least 3.70 and I have a feeling he’s not going to be so bad on raids despite the “slow” label!

Try him and find out. I used him on a mono team in war and his special going off is nice.

Would there be a background info on the back of the card where they came from and some history? That be cool

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He’s on the schedule after I finish Triton and Kiril. I am tempted to prioritize him though because my Wu is at level 1 and I want to increase the titan level for our alliance.

The most differences maker heroes in my total 12 months, poor Wu will have more rest now and then.

Miki does indeed resist Hansel and Gretel’s spell slayer. I rerolled a bunch of times and finally found a team to test with. It happened too fast and my screenshot didn’t capture it though.

But I can confirm that Miki resists spell slayer. So it’s not just silence that he resists, this makes me believe he also resists mindless attack from Merlin (and as @Gryphonknight has suggested in the past, this makes Miki the KING of challenge event triple bosses :wink: ). I guess we’ll find out next week Wednesday when Avalon event starts.


To summarize my earlier post and to answer this question, here’s what Miki resists:
“Resist status ailments that Block Special Skills” refers to: MindlessAttack Silence SpellSlayer

That includes Merlin, Peters, Miki, Hansel, and Gretel. Yes… that’s a total of just 5 heroes :stuck_out_tongue:

Proteus and Hel still work on him, because their ailments don’t block special skill activation (they block mana gain, which the game treats as a negative mana ailment, not a special skill block).


I can confirm that Miki is absolutely necessary hero in your bench for Titan and events


This is Miki.



Yes he is bishop.
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Hey there. I love Miki. Fantastic in attack. His silencing is golden! I have a question. I’m about to give him expensive emblems and I have the choice between healing bonus and attack bonus. What does that mean in practice for someone with his abilities? Which way to go?
I need him to be stronger, slow mana, unprotected on the wing…

So interestingly from the perspective of someone who is weak in green, emblemed miki isn’t a bad tank.

If I had good greens though I think he’d be in trouble

I desperately need a titan specialist myself


I have Miki and so far only use him for Titans. Because from my understanding this guy is practically useless anywhere else because his Special only affects those with higher HP than him.

But this got me thinking… will his Special be useful for Santa’s Challenge and Grimforest? Because the last stage boss is technically almost always have more health than the attacking team… right?

And also… how does his “higher health then opponent” counted? Is it through percentage / life bar or number of HP?


The HP number. In addition to the attack buff, he silences his opponents for 4 turns, which is his greatest use in these events, especially against bosses.

Good luck on the challenges.

Yes, I bring Miki since I get level him to 3.70 since Pirate and Wonderland Events, but not Avalon (because reflect blue).
And He is still very functional at 3.70 in Grimforest.

Great for mobs with more HP and bosses to stop from firing their skill.


I made my Grimmforest easily and Miki 3/70 was my key player keeping bosses down. I have usually used Proteus in that role, but silens works as well as mana block and I was able to stack blue with Miki.

My Miki is Max out and I use him on Titan, sometimes in raids but not very often because his slow and every bosses except when colour reflect. For example now in grimforest event I finish the last stage because of Miki in 5 minutes. So I’m happy with him but not really in the same time just because take ages to loud up with mana in raids and Titan and because of that I have no more mana potion coz they are finished

Miki is a must. I have him at 3.70 and he just destroys the final bosses with his increased attack. Keep him topped up with mana potions and the bosses can’t even fire their special. I believe he is better than Proteus in these challenge events now. I even use him all the time in raids. The questions is he good enough for a blue tank at 4.80?


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