Miki – New August 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

Epic tokens don’t work in monthly challenge events. Neither in Atlantis. They only work in seasonal events: Springvale (spring), Sand Empire (June/July), Morlovia (Halloween) and Christmas.


My last epic hero token. I had 17. I’m so happy!


I see no much difference between this guy,Wu and tarlak. Would love to have them though.

There’s a huge difference between Miki and Wu. Miki doesn’t miss. It means he’s more reliable, but what is more important you always stun titan with a combo sent to weak spot. With Wu, it’s really common to send a 4-combo, miss 2 and don’t stun the titan.
The other important difference is Wu atk buff applies to special skill damage whereas Miki don’t.


Lol… oh man…

Itd be painful… but maybe I will save them for the Halloween event… because Kingston looks sweeeet.

Miki’s buff is added to the Status Effect guide, thanks again for providing the screenshots :slight_smile:

Does not stack with Tarlak’s martial prowess, but that was to be expected.


If it was an attack boost that always happens (like Tarlak) then I would be more interested. Since it only works if the enemy has more HP, coupled with being slow mana, and no healing on the attacks (like Tarlak), I find Miki overall very meh and only useful in one niche situation of a red Titan. I’m waiting for Kingston forsure


I found him quite impressive on non-red Titans too in Beta.

For someone who doesn’t have Tarlak, he’ll be highly useful for Titans.


I have Peters, the silence is awesome people! Stop grouching. I want a Miki!


I don’t think he’s terrible, I just find him to be a great value version of Tarlak. If you don’t have Tarlak, yeah he can be helpful, but this is a hotm, not an everyday 5* hero and hotms should be a little more powerful than average. A hotm shouldn’t be the great value version of a hero that’s already in the game

So far, every hotm has been so unique and fills its own role in the game. Miki doesn’t, he fills the “i guess use it if you don’t have this hero” role.

Ending on a positive note: LOVE the artwork for Miki though


3 EHT, nothing yet. I don’t know if I’d rather have Miki or Tarlak. My green and yellow titans are the ones that are suffering most atm. My highest titan hit is 94k against a blue titan, too. I’d happily have all the 5* of course :laughing:, but I won’t go out of my way for Miki. I’m going to still do a 10X during guardians (saving my gems) since I STILL don’t have A SINGLE Guardian. Maybe I’ll get lucky then. That’s how I got Onatel, Margaret, Ranvir, AND Seshat; all 10X pulls.


I haven’t seen too many black snowmen, but now that Miki popped up for me as a bonus on a regular summons, we’re best buddies now!

I like him for my tank; too bad he’s slow. I’ll see how he performs after I level him up (I have all his Ascension materials I’m so excited!)

He’ll join Sartana and Anzogh (another hotm, i’ve been blessed) as my 3rd fully leveled 5*


That’s what I wanted to do, but I knew I’d cave and use the 17 EHT I had saved. Hopefully I can stockpile more by October… oh well, was worth it :slight_smile:


Not a good hero gonna skip this month. He’s utility is only against one titan color that’s insane. Not worth the summons or the telescopes to me. They really screwed him with the HP makes him unusable in raids. A very very poor version of tarlak.


August hotm wears the thickest clothes. Not gonna do any draws since I’m 100% sure he’s gonna have a heatstroke before summer ends


A hero whose special silences opponents while he himself is immune to being silenced. Are we perhaps looking at a mute hero?


Miki level 4/80 in action!!!


No, he’s great against any titan. Miki + BT = +170% atk. Miki + cheap bear banner = +155% atk. That’s insane. Ranvir gives +195% atk with -35% accuracy so it’s effectively only +126% atk. Miki boosts your damage more than Wu or Ranvir without missing titan’s weak spot.

Considering the vast majority of my ascension mats comes from titan, I wouldn’t say it’s a niche aspect of game. In facts it’s more rewarding than raids. Cups are worthless and hero chest is crap comparing to titan loot for most of the time.


BTW does anyone know what exactly Miki resists? Just his own silence ailment, or does he also resist things like Merlin’s Mindless Atack or Hansel & Gretel’s Spell Slayer?

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For sure it’s Peter’s silencing too. And there’s Atlantis boss Pterosaurian with silencing as well.


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