Merge with 7 members to your alliance

Just hit that link above and we can chat, no obligation to join. But we do have an extensive library on discord for you to look at.

Just started a new alliance, I’m level 62 myself. Would love to have you.

Alliance name: United! Divided We Fall

Willing to give co-leadership duties as well.

Check out East of the equator we are a 2 Alliance group we have a ad here on the forum with a link to our server We have room for all 7 of you come check us out…

Come and check us out.

Check out Jax and Kings
Low key allowance that uses all war flags etc and has green tanks!

Do you want to join us hollarback2?
Jax and Kings

Don’t think I speak your alliances language… lol. If I bail on the idea of starting my own alliance I’ll consider joining you guys if you have spots still available. Is that alright?

Come Join Us, we have been together for a long time.

We alternate the colour war tank in rotation for each war, makes it more fun, tactile for wins.

War optional, but if opted in all flags used.

War system in place, very Stress free.

Friendly and active team.

Line app available, but not necessary.

Actively hit Titans.

Check us out

“We Titan Slayers” have a lot of spots available. We are looking for members… We are set for 800 trophies, all levels and fighting 9/10* Titans. All members are active in Titans and wars. LINE ep_sakura_ep

Come and check us! We have place for ya! Kutyusok[HUN] A family alliance, friendly and quite talkative! We waiting for you

We have 8 spots open in Guardians Ascending. You’re more than welcome to join us. We’d be glad to have you! Currently fighting 10/11* titans.

See recruiting post below:

Chill international alliance, hitting 9-10* titans atm, although thus will increase as we get bigger; FFA war. We’re currently running purple tanks but switch between purple and green.

We use line or FB for chats and are self organizing…you would be welcome!

Line me @lilly_frogg if you’re interested

Drop us a line. Let’s talk!

Rook at chibipotato16
Ice at saberofempires

If you are still looking we have a long standing alliance that just recently had a couple openings we just have not found right fit on but have a few people on leave that has gone over. Check out Lilybug#7527 discord at Q Spot in game. If someone joins we can make room for rest.

Please check us out if you like to compete:
“witchers and witches”.
We have won 20 out of 25 wars, currently at 6 streak win…
We have 15 players and we “pick” the cream del-a cream :smiley:

@scyther, you might want to update your thread title :thinking:.

Hello @scyther .
I’m the leader of “To Death and Glory” Alliance.
If you’re still looking, you may give it a try.
You won’t regret it, we enjoy playing and having fun togheter.
We’re about 15 veterans who will gladly enjoy hunting Titans and engage in wars with active members such as you.
Hope to see you soon and grow togheter.

If you’re still looking check out E&P Cartel

9-10* titan although this will increase

FFA war

Chill International group that has been playing together long term

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